3 Reasons You Must Create a Marketing Plan for Your Law Firm

Marketing and strategyYou wouldn’t head into court without preparing your case, so why would you approach law firm marketing without a marketing plan?

When you make an investment in legal marketing, you want to ensure you’re getting the proper return on your investment (ROI). Your ROI is determined by establishing goals and measuring success or failure with the use of metrics – website analytics, page interactions and new cases.

If you don’t have a plan in place to establish and track strategies, goals, and results, you may be sending your marketing budget down the drain. Here are three reasons to develop that plan today.

1. A Law Marketing Plan Will Focus on What’s Effective

At the basic level, your law firm or lawyer marketing plan’s goal is to bring in new clients. Such a broad goal will be impossible to obtain unless you create a plan to target the exact clients you wish to attract.

A well-developed marketing plan will allow your law firm to establish realistic marketing goals and monitor your progress as your campaign progresses. There is no single solution – every office has a different personality, focuses on a different clientele and serves a specific community. By developing a marketing plan that focuses on the individual aspects of your law firm, you can control what methods are used in your marketing campaigns.

For instance, if your personal injury law firm wants to cater to a college-age demographic seeking help with car accident claims, you’ll get a lot of mileage out of a marketing strategy involving a free mobile app. This method wouldn’t be nearly as successful put to use by an estate law firm whose clients are mostly older, less tech-savvy adults.

2. Avoid Unnecessary Expenditures with Your Marketing Plan

Every firm’s situation is unique, no matter how much research exists demonstrating that a particular marketing method is successful. One firm might find great success with a series of billboard ads near major highways, but that doesn’t mean it will work for every law firm in the area.

Marketing methods such as billboards can cost thousands of dollars. When your law firm takes up such a large advertising expense, it should include a method to review its performance. If a desired ROI is not met by the deadline established in your marketing plan, it may be time to consider dropping that method and evaluating your plan to make changes.

3. Plan Ahead and Save Big in the Long Run

Creating a marketing plan with well-defined goals that also analyzes each marketing effort will cut down on useless expenditures. Starting out with an established plan can cut back on the amount of adjustments you must make to develop the ideal marketing campaign. By taking the time to plan your marketing efforts in advance, you’ll soon reap the benefits of a well-oiled law firm marketing machine!

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