3 Tips to Develop Business as a Women Attorney

When it comes to business development, there is no one size fits all, but there are some basic principles lawyers can apply, says Kimberly Alford Rice, KLAMarketing.com.

According to Kimberly, women lawyers don’t always grasp or absorb the concept that their legal career will transcend their current employer. Studies show that women are more likely to stay in their current position, whether or not the position is working for them.

In this video interview, Kimberly shares 3 tips to help you develop business and move ahead in your legal career.

First tip – get as much face time with people who are in a position to help you along. Perhaps book a one-to-one every so often with members of the management committee etc. – develop and cultivate these relationships

3 Tips to Developing Business

Tip #1     Never over consume alcohol at the holiday party < — yes it happens!

Tip #2     You can’t build a practice if you’re in a vacuum. Get out of your office and create/find reasons to connect with other folks in your network or who you meet in order to build your referral network. Find a way to stay in touch with them.

Tip #3     Follow up and follow through. Are you approaching with the right attitude in mind as per how you can help others (if you’re helping others, others will hep you). Are you involved in activities in other organizations – bar associations etc.?

Integrate these into your practice by doing something every single day – it will add up in the long run.


Top Habits of Successful Women Rainmakers
Top Habits of Successful Women Rainmakers –
Given that 57% of law firms are comprised of women lawyers but only 4-5% represented in leadership, clients are not receiving the best counsel from only one gender.Everyone would benefit if women were more equitably represented as originating attorneys; awarded the “plum committee” assignments such as the compensation and evaluation committees within firm. Studies show that firms which recognize the business wisdom of actively recruiting and diligently retaining their women lawyer talent, do better on their bottom line. (reference BTI and Altman Weil).

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