3 Tips to Finding Speaking Engagements for Attorneys

Speaking Tips for AttorneysSpeaking is one of the best ways to build your reputation and get in front of potential clients.

However, finding speaking opportunities is not always easy.  Many attorneys I’ve spoken with have expressed a desire to land the chance to speak at any kind of event – small local events to large stages, but they don’t know where to start.

Before you appropriately ‘pitch’ yourself and find the best places to speak at, you need to have several items already identified – namely your target market and the solutions you help them solve.  This may sound obvious, however many attorneys experience frustration with being denied the opportunity to speak, simply because their message is not compelling enough when speaking to event coordinators.

Here are three tips to finding speaking engagements:

1.  Tell Everyone You Want To Speak!

Let your staff know, your referral partners, your clients, your colleagues and family, that you would like to speak at events.   Ask them if they know of any organizations or upcoming events that may relate to your practice area.  If these people know you want to speak at events, they may be able to refer to their own colleagues and business associates or perhaps invite you to speak at organizations that they participate in.  If they don’t know you’re interested, they may not think to approach you.

Telling everyone includes updating your website to include information on how to contact you as a speaker.  Also include details in your ezine or newsletter.

2.  Consider Free and Paid Opportunities

Small local organizations often host/sponsor educational events but typically they do not pay their speakers.  Would you still consider this opportunity to build your name and reputation and get in front of a small group of people who may be interested in hiring or referring you?

Free opportunities can provide you with extensive ROI if done right (plus they let you practice for that big stage in the future).  Make sure that you are prepared with opportunities for your attendees to connect with you.

3.  Stay Informed. 

Set aside some time each week to research upcoming events and opportunities. Google Alerts is a great tool to use here – simply enter your search terms and Google will let you know when various events are coming up and when event speaking proposals are being accepted.



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