3 Tips to Achieving Law Firm Success In 2014

Focused Law Firm Marketing for 2014Happy New Year from all of us at LawMarketing.com.

For many, January 1st brings the start of new (or more intense) commitment to specific goals we want to accomplish in the coming year.  Here a 3 tips, designed to help you achieve all the law firm success you wish for in 2014.

1.  Strategic Scheduling

Find a way to strategically structure your calendar so you have focused time for everything you need to do each day, week and month.  Perhaps book a day where you try to book most of your out of the office appointments and another day or two for the in-office client meetings.  Think twice about some of the networking events you’ve been attending – are they worth it or should you try a new organization?  Schedule out time to follow up with new contacts, write new content and other marketing activities.  Make your calendar work for you so your time is structured and focused and allows you to get as much done as possible.

2.  Delegate!

There are likely many tasks that you personally do not have to look after, that can be delegated to your staff.  You may need to provide final approval, but others in your firm can help with drafting correspondence, some marketing activities and more.  As you work on various projects, consider whether you can delegate the task or if you can train/teach someone in your office how to take care of some pieces on your behalf.

3.  Do Everything Consistently!

Too often the tasks that support the growth of your law practice slip to the bottom of the to do list as  ‘urgent’ client tasks rise to the top.  Find a way to create consistency in everything you do, including communicating consistently with potential clients, referral partners, current clients and new networking connections.  This means sending out a regular newsletter to these groups (which your staff can help with), touching base by phone to reconnect, creating new content on your blog and social media etc.    Avoid implementing too many marketing strategies at once and ensure that all efforts are consistent and offer value.  Focusing on 3-4 specific marketing activities and doing them consistently will provide much more return than implementing 20 marketing activities that are considered here and there.

There are many other things you can implement to ensure success this next year; these 3 will get you started on the right path.



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