3 Ways Your Pro Bono Work Helps Your Law Marketing Efforts

3 Ways Your Pro Bono Work Helps Your Law Marketing EffortsSavvy attorneys don’t view pro bono cases simply as “charity work.” Many now recognize the law marketing value of showing support for worthy nonprofit organizations and causes. Market your pro bono work to better establish your presence and commitment within the community.

Below are three distinct benefits to performing pro bono work and sharing that work with others.

1. Marketing Pro Bono Work Benefits the Attorney

Attorneys interested in improving their reputation in a certain area of law or with a specific group should look for opportunities to donate time and resources to those causes. For example, consider an estate attorney who wishes to appeal to same-sex couples. This attorney may offer to help a gay couple living in a state without legalized same-sex marriage to establish an estate plan. This helps the couple protect their assets in absence of a formal marriage and, in turn, demonstrates the attorney’s value and commitment to the LGBT community.

Pro bono cases also can serve as an effective means of gaining experience for attorneys who recently passed the bar. Getting those first few paying clients can be a challenge if you don’t have a case history. This is where pro bono work comes in handy. Finding people who need legal representation is simple when you’re offering your services for free. Pro bono work could be a catalyst for your legal career by helping you get a few cases under your belt.

2. Marketing Pro Bono Work Benefits the Law Firm

Press releases are an excellent marketing opportunity for law firms, and pro bono cases may be considered newsworthy topics. When your law firm takes a pro bono case it should announce it to the media via a press release. Not only do press releases about your pro bono cases establish authority for your firm – they also serve as a tool to get the word out about the charitable work your firm performs.

Local business marketing is an important strategy for community-based law firms that hope to serve a specific region. When your firm offers its services to the indigent or underserved population of your community, it shows an investment in the local area. A strong community standing with the locals is important if you wish to gain their trust and business as paying clients.

3. Pro Bono Cases Benefit the Community

Many attorneys who take pro bono cases say it helps remind them of why they began practicing law in the first place – to help others. Every day there are people facing legal battles they can’t afford to fight, and the pro bono system helps give them a fair shot.

The unpaid effort expended on pro bono cases is rewarded through press attention, word of mouth, and generation of a new case history and client testimonials. Not to mention a sense of community service and personal fulfillment. Don’t think of pro bono work as free labor – think of it as a law marketing plan in which everyone wins!

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