7 Power Tips For Writing A Lawyer Profile On Linked In That Gets More Views (Part 1)

Like many, I’ve received a notice that I’m a top influencer from LinkedIn. It’s quite flattering considering the platform has over 200 million profiles listed.

Did you receive a similar notice?

This was a brilliant marketing move by Linked In:
they made their members feel good, and they got millions of members to tweet about it without asking.

That’s all very nice, but what’s in it for you on Linked In?

According to Stephen Fairley of The Rainmaker Institute, 95% of all lawyers have a profile on Linked In. And although the statistics vary, lawyers represent the 5th largest population of Linked In members. This means if you’re not on Linked In, you’re being out-marketed by the competition.

So how can you leverage Linked In for your practice?

Let’s begin with the cornerstone of Linked In.
When was the last time you took a good look at your Linked In profile?

Linked In Profile Power

Admittedly, I was an early resister of Linked In. I was used to in-person networking, and that business development method had always worked for me.

But through my Linked In activities, here are just a few of the tangible results that I have enjoyed:

  • hundreds of new subscribers to my newsletter
  • attendees at my live events
  • 4ooo members in a women’s professional group I launched.
  • Exponential new visibility and credibility with my ideal niche market
  • Actual new private clients and registrants in my online programs

Linked In Profiles Have Come A Long Way Baby

In the beginning Linked In was simply a huge professional resume bank, with limited features and a very clunky search function.
But then Linked In started to grow up.
It added content options – articles, blog post feeds, Powerpoint Slide Share to feature your content, automatic linking with Twitter (unfortunately now defunct ) travel posts so you could meet up with new contacts when you were in the same city (very cool feature). Then the search function improved, particularly with the advanced search feature.

The biggest and most important advancement: Google started to favor and highly rank Linked In profiles..

Your Linked In Profile Is Like Having Another Personal Website Promoted By Google’s Search Engine – for FREE
This means you can no longer afford not to have a powerful Linked In profile working for you and your business.

With all of the new features now available on Linked In, it can be pretty confusing to figure out how to write the perfect Linked In profile for your practice.

I want to make it very simple for you and give you a few essentials and priorities to writing your ideal Linked In profile – ones that will attract Google’s influential eyeballs and your ideal connections.

1. Your Linked In Profile Requires A Professional Photo (This is not optional for optimal results)

Do not post a photo that is not well lit and professional in appearance. You don’t have to be movie star good-looking to make a great impression with your photo. People want to get a sense of your personal brand through your photo.

2. Your Linked In Profile Should Feature The Right Keyword Rich Tag Line

Focus on creating a tag line that will be ideally searchable by Google. So if you are a lawyer, make sure you use the kind of law you practice in your tag line as Google keywords are searched. This means a bit of Google adword keyword research (
https://adwords.google.com/o/KeywordTool )

ex. Use “franchise lawyer” vs. “partner in full service law firm”.

Note: You will want to review your state bar’s regulations on what you can and cannot say about your specializations.

3. Linked In Profile Summary

Talk less about how many years you’ve been practicing and more about what you’ve accomplished, how you’ve helped your clients with specific case examples.
(again, check the advertising regulations in your state) and denote special skills and talents you have. That’s what people want to know: what can you do for me, my business, or my company?
Mix up the formatting to include text and bulleted sections for easier readability.

Tips 4 to 7 will be covered in Part 2 of this article.

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