7 Power Tips For Writing A Lawyer Profile On Linked In That Gets More Views – Part 2

In Part 1 of my article “7 Power Tips For Writing a Lawyer Profile on Linked In That Gets More Views“, I shared the three very specific items that will attract Google influential eyeballs and your ideal connections.

In Part 2, I uncover 4 more tips that you can easily implement right away to strengthen your Linked In presence.

4. Recommendations & Endorsements on Your Linked In Profile

Linked In has made it very easy and acceptable to request and provide Recommendations. That’s why it makes so much sense to connect with as many respected professionals, colleagues and clients as possible. It’s great to display your recommendations. Don’t forget to give recommendations – it feels good, costs nothing but a few minutes, and it’s the perfect relationship builder.

Endorsements are a relatively new feature on Linked In. You can add your ideal skills and expertise through the edit button on your profile.

With one click many people can endorse you for just the right skills. Endorsements are quick but therefore don’t hold as much stock as recommendations.

5. Groups & Associations Reflected On Your Linked In Profile

When you join the ideal groups attracting your ideal niche clients, it’s a wonderful opportunity for you to get known, visible, and attract new contacts in your sweet spot market. No brainer.
People also feel more comfortable connecting with people through the common bond of mutual groups and associations.

There are many lawyer groups on Linked In so it will take a bit to determine which ones are right for your practice. Consider joining lawyer groups where your ideal referrers may participate. Even smarter is for you to join the groups that aren’t lawyer groups but groups where your ideal clients are congregating. Ex. If your clients are banks and bankers, join banking groups.

Starting a group tailored for the needs of your ideal niche market is also a super smart way to build your top network.

6. Your Linked In Profile: Numbers of Contacts

It’s much more about who you are connecting with than it is how many connections you have. That being said, if people see you connected to 75 people, they don’t think you’re a very connected professional. What’s the real down side to connecting with people? Are you afraid they’ll see who your clients are?

I hear a lot of lawyers say they will not connect with people they don’t know.


Isn’t the point to connect with new people and expand your network with fresh relationships? You are leaving lots of chips on the table with that approach.

For the most part, the benefits of connecting with new people far outweigh the negatives.
I’ll be touching on this more in a future post.

7. Get Started Upgrading Your Linked In Profile: Just Do It!

Maybe you’re not a comfortable writer.

Maybe you’re time crunched.

These are easily addressed so don’t let these obstacles stop you from having a top notch effective Linked In profile.

Here are 3 Easy Actionable Tips:

  1. Devote only 15-20 minutes a day to upgrading and fully fleshing out your Linked In Profile (small chunks = no overwhelm)
  2. Engage a professional Linked In concierge service to write or upgrade your profile. This is a stress buster and well worth it because of the time saved, end results produced.
  3. Ask 3-5 of your clients and colleagues to give you the good and bad of what they see on your Linked In profile. We’ve all got blind spots.

And please do send me an invitation to connect with me on Linked In if we aren’t already connected.

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