7 Simple Ways to Follow Up With Your Law Firm Referral Partners

Follow Up With Law Firm ProspectsWhen was the last time you took a few minutes to check in with your referral partners?

It was likely quite some time ago.

Building a referral based practice can be easy – but only if you keep in touch with your referral partners and develop strong relationships with them.   It’s not realistic to think that you, the attorney, will keep in touch with all referral partners on your own.  Ask someone on your team, or your marketing assistant, to assist you with implementing and managing your referral partner follow up strategy.

Here are 7 super simple ways you can keep in touch with your law firm referral partners. 

1. Host Your Own Networking Event

Invite your referral partners to an open house or evening reception at your law office.  This allows you to connect with them personally, but also encourages them to build relationships with others in your network who they can also do business with.   Make a point of introducing people to each other, particularly if you know they are eager to meet each other.

2.  Refer Them & Let Them Know

Each time you refer someone, send a quick email to your referral partner and let them know.  This allows them to prep for the call or email and also be aware of the referrals you are sending their way.  Too often we miss out on this tip and referral partners are unaware of the people you sent them.

3.  Send a Personal Note

Personal, handwritten notes are a dying ‘art’.  Send a quick handwritten thank you card to your referral partner when they send you a new contact.  Sending a hand written ‘great to do business with you’ or even a birthday card is a great way to touch base.

4.  Get Social

Invite one or several off your referral partners to join you for game of golf, tennis, an after work drink or lunch.  Create the opportunity to learn more about your referral partner – you may find that you have much more in common than you thought.

5.  Stop By

If you live in the same community as your referral partner, offer to stop by their office and say hello.  Meet their staff and build a relationship with them also.  If you live in different cities, states etc., make a point of seeing them if you are in their area for an event.

6.  Random (yet timely) Calls or Emails

Call your referral partner and see what’s new in their business. Ask what kind of clients they’re looking for and any other up-to-date details what will help you in sending them additional referrals.    Tell them what’s new in your practice and the kind of people you are looking to connect with.

7.  Co-Host An Information Evening With Them

Invite your referral partner to co-host a small information session or workshop with you.  Both of you will invite your clients and prospects to attend the event and therefore both benefit – creating personal relationships with each others networks.

Which of these strategies will you implement into your law firm?  Which will you do right away to rebuild a long-lost relationship with a referral partner?

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