5 Ways to Develop Your Attorney Identity on Google Plus

Developing Your Online Attorney IdentityJust a few short years ago, many did not believe that Google Plus would become the social platform it is today.  However, with more than 540 million monthly active users, attorneys must work at building their presence on Google Plus to support their online visibility and credibility.

Chris Dreyer of AttorneysRankings.com is well versed in Google Plus and how attorneys can use it to build their law practice.  I asked Chris to meet with me and share how attorneys could build their identity on Google Plus.

Having an identity on Google Plus simply means sharing what you do, how you can help people and developing your name as an authority for your practice area.

It’s quite simple for attorneys to develop this identity.  Chris shared these few tips that you can implement right away:

  • post consistently on topics related to your practice area and specialization
  • categorize your contacts by creating niche specific circles
  • share your posts with your categorized circles (instead of everyone at large)
  • comment on topics and posts related to your practice area
  • reshare other posts that also relate to your practice area.
  • avoid sharing silly jokes or cartoons that are not relevant at all to your work or practice area.

All these steps make it easier for consumers to find you online and understand exactly what you do.

Click play below to hear Chris describe each of these pieces and how you can build your own attorney identity on Google Plus

 Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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