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Attorney Online ReputationAttorneys need to take a deliberate approach for curating their digital identity by developing a core online reputation management strategy. The goal is to present their services in a coherent package that expresses a narrative about them in a clear and effective manner.

By now you understand the importance of managing your online reputation through developing a website, blog, social media profiles and guest blogging. But managing an online reputation takes more than just building up these digital assets.

Now, I’d like to touch on the most complicated and often frustrating part of managing your online reputation: review sites.

As an attorney, you understand the importance of establishing or claiming yourAvvo, and profiles; however it is just important to claim your Google+ and Yelp profiles due to their high visibility. Yelp is regularly included in the top five positions for attorneys and Google often ranks in the first position. Once you claim your Google Plus profile, you will be able to see the number of views it has received. In most cases, attorneys are surprised to learn how many people have viewed their Google Plus profile.

The first step is to fill out your review site profiles with relevant information. In addition to their impressive portfolio of legal accomplishments and contact information, attorneys can post summaries of their university/college activities and published works. Add your Facebook URL and Twitter handle as well. Establishing a solid online reputation can lead into a broader conversation about their available services.

Attorneys are in a challenging spot with online reviews. When someone leaves a negative review, it’s nearly impossible to respond in defense due to confidentiality issues. With that in mind you can see how it is extremely important to proactively begin generating positive reviews on your profile.

In order to protect your image, you should remain in control of your online reviews while keeping these profiles updated with the latest information. You should establish a policy of requesting positive reviews from customers and peers. If you acquire a solid stock of positive reviews for your business, consumers will pay attention to any negative reviews that appear from ex-clients or legal competitors. If potential clients read these ratings and reviews, would they still visit your office or contact you through online forms?

After years of practicing law, a career can hang in the balance due to one damaging review. key is to establish your online presence before someone takes matters into their own hands. For attorneys are seeing their legal expertise being rated and reviewed online, there are solutions available. Attorneys could consider a service like The Review Solution that generates positive reviews from customers at the point of service. The Review Solution facilitates the posting of reviews onto all major review sites (Yelp, Google Plus) as well as vertical-specific review sites. Many other organizations provide online review solutions for small businesses, agencies, corporations, consultants and several other entities.

Attorneys have an obligation and an opportunity to develop an online reputation that is an accurate reflection of their educational values. By sharing their perspectives in this format, attorneys can position themselves as trusted resource a way to help succeed in making students into the next generation of innovative, insightful and inspirational leaders. For clients to be successful in this challenging environment, it helps to have a trusted advisor in their corner.


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