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Bill Jawitz is the founder of SuccessTrackESQ, an executive coaching and consulting firm that works exclusively with attorneys, their firms, and in-house legal departments. Since 2002, Bill has helped hundreds of attorneys learn how to improve their productivity and profitability while simultaneously deriving greater enjoyment from the practice of law. A frequent CLE presenter, Bill has conducted over 70 training programs for numerous state and regional Bar Associations, and has helped over 60 law firms, large and small, learn and apply best practices in key areas such as client development, workflow management and governance. Learn more about Bill at

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Identifying Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) … Authentically

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Identifying your unique selling proposition and differentiating your practice is incredibly important to the overall success of a law firm marketing plan.  The trouble is, many attorneys struggle with identifying what is unique about themselves and their firm. Bill Jawitz, founder of, an executive coaching and consulting firm that works exclusively with attorneys, their […]

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What’s the Highest Value Use of Your Time? Hint: It’s NOT Billable Work


The immediate deadline. The call that absolutely must be made or returned before lunch. The pre-bills that have to be checked this afternoon. The case law that needs to be scoured so that tricky motion can be finished up tonight. The filing that’s due in the morning. The mediation tomorrow afternoon. . . . The […]

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