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Chris Dreyer is the President and Founder of AttorneyRankings, a company that offers high quality website design and internet marketing services for lawyers. We pride ourselves in our expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), website development, pay per click management, social media and more. We are a specialized team dedicated to getting your law firm more visibility online.

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Testimonial Link Building for Lawyers

Testimonial Link Building for Lawyers

While people do not always write reviews for attorneys, attorneys can use them to their advantage as a link building tactic. Testimonial link building involves getting testimonials from others and having them link back to your website. We say “others” because these could come from clients, colleagues, businesses or other individuals that a lawyer has […]

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5 Ways to Develop Your Attorney Identity on Google Plus

Developing Your Online Attorney Identity

Just a few short years ago, many did not believe that Google Plus would become the social platform it is today.  However, with more than 540 million monthly active users, attorneys must work at building their presence on Google Plus to support their online visibility and credibility. Chris Dreyer of is well versed in […]

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The Benefits & Opportunities of Guest Blogging for Attorneys

The Benefits and Opportunities of Guest Blogging for Attorneys

Having content published on other professionals’ websites has long been an effective promotional activity. For attorneys, it can help establish them as an authority on a specific practice area in addition to helping them build a referral network. If you are new to guest blogging, this article helps outline why the practice is good for […]

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What Attorneys Should Look for In a Webhost


Sometimes it’s the things you can’t see that have the biggest impact on your website. Web hosts and the services they offer aren’t the most glamorous aspects of a website, but they play an important role. The way your site is built, the kinds of things you can do with it and the experience your […]

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Adding G+ Functionality to Your Law Firm’s Website

Google+ For Lawyers

Having your content interacted with and shared on Google Plus has some powerful benefits for exposure in search. Those connected to your account will see content related to their search queries that they have interacted with or that you have shared. The people they are connected to are also more likely to see content you’ve […]

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Crafting an Attorney Review for a Local SEO Campaign


One of the best parts about the Internet for consumers is that they can compare and contrast services, read reviews and do a lot of research before they buy. Roughly 85% of consumers read online reviews before they make a purchase decision. Reviews build trust with consumers and help nurture them through the process of […]

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Using Google’s Disavow Links Tool on Your Law Firm Website

Broken links

Since links have always been (and remain) a big part of ranking well in search, a lot of folks were happy to see that Google came up with an alternative to having bad links removed from a domain. The “disavow links” tool was a highly anticipated solution, but many attorneys may misinterpret how the tool […]

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Attorneys Learn the Difference Between Local SEO & Traditional SEO

SEO for Lawyers

The term SEO is typically met with confusion. But today’s SEO is changing – which allows attorneys to take on small tasks that can help create big results. In this video Chris Dreyer of shares several strategies to help attorneys increase their local SEO. He also describes the difference between local and traditional SEO […]

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How To Build a Successful Google+ Law Firm Community


When first introduced, Google Plus didn’t have the fan-fare that would suggest it would have been around as long as it has. With flops like Google Buzz and Google’s unabashed tendency to fall on it’s face with new startups, it was no surprise people once felt this way about the new social platform. Today though, […]

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Law Firm Websites Affected (and Possibly Penalized) By Recent Penguin 5.0 Update

In a recent interview, Chris Dreyer of shared key details to help attorneys determine if the October 4 Penguin 5.0 algorithm update affected their law firm website. specializes in attorney internet marketing. This algorithm specifically targeted keyword stuffing and frequent use of anchor text. Many lawyers work hard to generate traffic to their […]

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