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Chris Dreyer is the President and Founder of AttorneyRankings, a company that offers high quality website design and internet marketing services for lawyers. We pride ourselves in our expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), website development, pay per click management, social media and more. We are a specialized team dedicated to getting your law firm more visibility online.

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Your Law Firm Website May Have Been Penalized By Google


Has your law firm website been penalized by Google?  How would you know? Over the last few years, Google has made MANY changes, including what legal internet marketing strategies it’s willing to put up and which it’s not.   It’s been made clear that Google is no longer tolerating old legal internet marketing strategies that many […]

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Localized Attorney SEO Strategies Find Clients


Law Firm Marketing plans often include an SEO component but when it comes to leveraging SEO within the local geographic location, attorneys need to consider including localized SEO strategies. In a recent interview, Chris Dryer, the Founder of, describes the difference between Localized SEO and Traditional SEO and notes that lawyers who want to […]

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Social Media Marketing for Attorneys with LinkedIn Company Pages


LinkedIn is known to be the best social media platform for attorneys to network in. However, few attorneys fully understand how to implement and use LinkedIn Company Pages as part of their social networking strategy. I asked Chris Dreyer, founder of, a unique, full-service attorney marketing agency that supplies law firms with personalized marketing […]

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5 Top Law Firm URL Mistakes


Many law firms have a difficult time ranking well in the search engines due to poor URL structures. Here are the top 5 URL mistakes a law firm can make on their website. 1.) Choosing a domain that is not .org, .net, .com Sure, you can buy a .info domain cheaper but it’s for a […]

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5 Lawyer Facebook Marketing Mistakes


Facebook marketing for lawyers can be very powerful. However, just having a Facebook account does not mean that you will automatically be successful. Avoid these top 5 Lawyer Facebook marketing mistakes: #1 About Profile Is Incomplete The “About” section is where you can describe your business, what you do and how to contact you. Each […]

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How To Create A LinkedIn Profile To Get Clients

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LinkedIn is a great place to market your law firm to reach new potential clients. LinkedIn is a highly trusted site and when a profile is filled out completely not only will you be able to reach people using LinkedIn, your name may rank well in the search engines. Here are 7 tips to use […]

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