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Janet Ellen Raasch is a writer, ghostwriter, editor and blogger at Constant Content Blog who works closely with professional services providers – especially lawyers, law firms, legal consultants and legal organizations – to help them achieve name recognition and new business through publication of keyword-rich content for the web and social media sites as well as articles and books for print. She can be reached at (303) 399-5041 or jeraasch@msn.com.

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RFPs: To Play or Not to Play, That is the Question – Part 2

Request for Proposals for Attorneys

Part 1 of the “RFPs:  To Play or Not to Play, That is the Question” article was previously featured on LawMarketing.com. Click here to read the first portion. A good proposal reflects a client’s business strategy A proposal is client-centric when it clearly acknowledges and reflects the business strategy of the client that requested the […]

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RFPs: To Play or Not to Play, That is the Question – Part 1

Request for Proposals for Attorneys

Not so long ago, the legal marketplace was much less competitive. Business clients with legal problems would routinely turn to “their” local lawyer or law firm to handle the matter. Case closed. Today, business clients with legal problems (and tight budgets) are likely to send out a request-for-proposal to a number of potential law firms, […]

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LinkedIn (Or Left Out) for Lawyers – Part 2


This is part 2 to the ‘LinkedIn (or Left Out) for Lawyers’ article, posted previously at LawMarketing.com.  To read part 1, click here. Creating a LinkedIn Network To support a strong LinkedIn profile, you need a strong network. When it comes to building a network, you can pitch as well as catch. This means that […]

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LinkedIn (or Left Out) for Lawyers – Part 1


Until recently, very few lawyers and corporate counsel had even heard of the social media site LinkedIn. In fact, it surprises many to learn that LinkedIn was launched ten years ago. How quickly things have changed! Ninety-five percent of ABA members indicate that they have posted their profiles on LinkedIn. Seventy percent of corporate counsel […]

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When Persuading, Body Language Beats Words


In any law firm, there is a lot of persuasion going on. Persuasion and negotiation are, after all, essential skills in the practice of law. But they are also important in other tasks performed at law firms. In the human resources area, you must persuade someone to hire you, pay you more money and advance […]

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Client Conversations Strengthen Relationships, Lead to New Business


Lawyers are always interested in getting more work and better work from their existing clients. If you ask a lawyer what his or her client really wants, the lawyer is likely to say “good legal work.” If you ask the client, you’ll get a far different answer. The client’s answer is what counts. “To get […]

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PR Boosts Law Firms

Fresh News

A law firm that wants to position and maintain its brand in the marketplace has two options.  It can pay a considerable amount to get its name before the public via advertising and sponsorships.  Alternatively (and often additionally) it can “earn” an enhanced reputation via skillful use of public relations. Public relations is defined as […]

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Easy, Essential SEO for Lawyers and Law Firms

If your law firm is not showing up on the first page of search results, you are nowhere. Very few online searchers ever go beyond the first page of results. In the eyes of Internet users (everyone), if you do not appear on this first page, you are not credible. You will not get the […]

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