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Julie A. Fleming, principal of Lex Innova Consulting, teaches lawyers to use innovative and effective measures to build a strong book of business and a lucrative practice. A former patent litigator, she is the author of The Reluctant Rainmaker: A Guide for Lawyers Who Hate Selling, Seven Foundations of Time Mastery for Attorneys, and the forthcoming Legal Rainmaking Myths: What You Think You Know About Business Development Can Kill Your Practice, as well as numerous articles focusing on topics such as business development, practice management, work/life balance, and leadership development. Before launching her consulting business in 2005, Julie practiced law for over a decade in firms of 3 to more than 2100 attorneys, specializing in patent litigation.

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Do You Speak Your Legal Clients’ Language?

Confusing Language - Are You Speaking Your Legal Clients' Language?

You’re sitting in a doctor’s office. The doctor is talking in a neutral tone of voice, without showing any visual cues of positive or negative emotion. You aren’t familiar with medical terminology, and you’re uncertain whether the doctor is telling you that you have an illness that’s easily treatable or one that’s life-threatening. How do […]

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Writing for Legal Business Development: How to Beat Writer’s Block

How to Avoid Writer's Block

Making yourself a credible choice for a potential client means that you must find ways to demonstrate that you’re active and knowledgeable in your field of practice. Today, that’s easier than ever, thanks to the explosion of online publishing. You can start or contribute to a blog, you can submit articles to journals and newsletters […]

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Do You Make These Five Mistakes in Legal Business Development?

Law Firm Business Development Mistakes - The Right & Wrong

It’s like stomping ants: problem after problem is popping up to block your ability to secure new work. You go to a networking event and meet great new people … Only to realize that the people you met aren’t in a position to send business your way. So you identify a better group to join, […]

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The Art of the Follow-Up – A System for Attorneys

Follow Up and Connecting Handshake

Every business development plan must include meeting new contacts. You need to meet the right people to send you business (directly or via referral), but meeting them isn’t enough: you must follow up with them over time and build relationships. No surprise, right? The question is how to follow up over time. Here’s your step-by-step […]

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Learn To Say NO So Your Legal Practice Can Grow


During our first consultation, Eric shared a list of all of the activities he currently used to grow his legal practice. In the last three months, he had: Attended weekly networking meetings Scheduled two or three business lunches each week Written a monthly column for his local newspaper Published seven guest blogs posts Agreed to […]

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