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Kimberly Alford Rice is Principal of KLA Marketing Associates (, a business development advisory firm focusing on legal services. As a nationally-recognized legal marketing authority, Kimberly advises law firms and lawyers develop practical business development and marketing strategies which lead directly to new clients and increased revenues. Additionally, Kimberly provides career management services to lawyers in transition.

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Three Critical Steps to Building a Prosperous Practice


We are at the halfway mark for the year 2015 but being overwhelmed with new files has yet to happen for many lawyers. This is typically this time of year I find that attorneys eagerly embrace a few practical steps that they may take to yield high impact results in growing and strengthening their client base. The […]

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Six Ways to Build Momentum in Your Law Practice

Building Momentum For Your Law Practice

We have all ‘been there’ finding ourselves too busy with client work to breathe and then the rollercoaster heads downward and we’re searching for new projects. It can be challenging to devote any time to developing new work when your plate is already full. But, what happens when we’ve eaten what we’ve killed, proverbially speaking? […]

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Law Firm Not Permitted to Use External Content Writers – Wednesday Wisdom


In this episode of Wednesday Wisdom for Women Lawyers, Kimberly Rice of answers the question: I know creating content is important for my reputation as a woman lawyer. My law firm does not allow us to work with external writers to create new written content.  Ideas? Often law firms will make this kind of […]

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How the Legal Landscape Has Changed – Women Lawyers


Has the legal landscape really changed?  What does that even mean? That’s the question Kimberly Rice of answers in this episode of Wednesday Wisdom for Women Lawyers. Click play below to hear how today’s legal landscape affects you and your practice: The legal services landscape has drastically shifted and the number one takeaway is […]

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Five Steps lawyers Can Take to Develop Extraordinary Communication Skills as One of the Keys to Success

Attorney Communication Tips

Thirty-four gigabytes. That’s how much data has been estimated that Americans consume every day via all forms of media: TV, newspaper, Internet, radio, you name it. How does that equate to words? Statistically, there are about 100,000 words per day, on average, that Americans consume. This as an illustration of how noisy our world has […]

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How David the Attorney Became a Rainmaker

David the Rainmaker

Are You A Rainmaker and Don’t Know It? In a recent discussion, Kimberly Rice, founder of, shared details of an attorney named David – an incredible illustration of a great Rainmaker.  I asked her to record this video in hope that you may relate to some of the key details and realize that you, […]

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#1 Tip For Lawyers In Transition

Tips for Attorneys in Transition

We’re seeing a lot more lawyers in transition, says Kimberly Rice. Kimberly is a a national leading legal business advisor at and one of the areas she focuses on is supporting lawyers in transition. She has one specific tip to share with any lawyers who are looking to make a change with their legal […]

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3 Tips to Develop Business as a Women Attorney

Successful Women Rainmakers

When it comes to business development, there is no one size fits all, but there are some basic principles lawyers can apply, says Kimberly Alford Rice, According to Kimberly, women lawyers don’t always grasp or absorb the concept that their legal career will transcend their current employer. Studies show that women are more likely […]

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Women Attorneys: Tips to Establish Yourself As A Leader In Your Law Firm

Women Lawyers In Leadership

Women, more than men, have more challenges in developing their own voice in their law practice, especially in private practice. This results in women lawyers having a difficult time with establishing themselves as leaders in their law firm. Kimberly Rice,, specializes in supporting women attorneys prosper in their careers. In this video she shares […]

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Challenges Women Attorneys Face in Today’s Law Firms

Women Attorneys Face Challenges

You may not always see it or know that it’s going on in your law firm, but in many cases, women attorneys are still being treated differently in the legal profession. Kimberly Rice and specialize in working with women attorneys – to help them move beyond the obstacles they face daily in the legal […]

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