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Laura Lee Sparks is the Founder and CEO of Legal Marketing Maven, a full service outsourcing firm for estate planning and elder law attorneys designed to train virtual and in-house staff and provide the tools and resources lawyers need to implement consistent, focused, diversified marketing in their law practice.

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Three Tips for Unobtrusively Marketing Your Law Practice at Events

Engaging with others at events

There tends to be no shortage of events for a lawyer to attend. From association meetings to fundraisers for a local charity, an attorney can keep his or her calendar pretty full. While each event attended offers an opportunity to market yourself, it should never seem like that is the purpose of your involvement. Instead, […]

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Kick Into Gear For The New Year: 15 Ways to Market Your Law Firm

Kicking Your Law Firm Into Gear

Legal marketing can be a lot of work, but it can also be a lot of fun.Either way, it’s a necessity to keep your business up and running. While there are some things that probably should be left to the pros, there are also a ton of things that you can do yourself when it […]

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Can Attorneys Afford to Give Legal Information Away?

Attorneys can provide free information through various online platforms

As a lawyer, your job is to provide information to those who need it. Clients come to you because they need help and have no ability to get it on their own. That’s where your hard-earned education, experience in your area of law, and exceptional research skills come into play. Considering the fact that you […]

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Attorneys Benefit by Tracking Responses with Email Marketing

Like professionals in so many other fields, attorneys are beginning to fully understand the benefits of email marketing. While there is so much that can be said about the importance of keeping in touch with former clients and reaching out to new ones, there are some less obvious benefits to the email marketing programs available. […]

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Four Reasons that Price-Based Marketing is Like Shooting Yourself in the Foot


When there are lots of lawyers in your market, it may seem like the only way to get a foothold is to market yourself based on a lower price. Unfortunately, when you do this, you often end up shooting yourself in the very same foot you were so excited to get in the door! There […]

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Marketing Your Image Professionally, Even if You Don’t Want To


Lawyers often have trouble with the concept of marketing their image. For one thing, your image shouldn’t matter as much as your abilities, right? For another, looking around at how others do it can make you feel like it’s phony and even kind of off-putting. But, marketing your image is an important part of your […]

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Whose Definition of Success Are You Using?


There’s an interesting infographic out there on the web called 25 Tips for the New Lawyer. Whether you’re new to practicing law or not, there really is some good advice, and it’s in nice little sound bites, so it doesn’t take too long to read. The piece doesn’t specifically cover marketing, but as you know […]

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