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Nancy Fox, founder and President of The Business Fox, a business advisory firm, has consulted to and coached hundreds of lawyers and professionals in business development, online and offline marketing, niche marketing, and networking, guiding them to breakthrough levels of success. She’s been featured and quoted in Business Week, The New York Times, The Daily News, CBS Money Watch, and has spoken at Rotary Clubs, national conferences, and co-founded the highly successful networking event, Metro Roundtable, bringing top tier lawyers, accountants, and trusted advisors together to meet, mingle, and refer business. Her book, Network Like A Fox™ will be released in Spring 2013.

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3 Ways to ‘Break the Ice’ In Your Follow Up

Attorney Networking Tips - Breaking the Ice

Typically the top of icebreaking relates to making new connections and building relationships at networking events. However icebreaking is also required in following up with contacts after the networking event.  How do you re-open the conversation after meeting someone at an event – perhaps days, weeks or even months later?  You need re-engage and re-establish […]

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Attorney Networking Tip – Breaking the Ice

Attorney Networking Tips - Breaking the Ice

According to Nancy Fox,, attorneys know that networking is a solid marketing strategy, yet they may be reluctant to attend events because they’re challenged with knowing how to ‘break the ice’. ‘Ice breaking’ is the ability to start and have a conversation with a new contact. Knowing how to start the conversations and what […]

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Attorneys Find the Right Places to Network

Networking to connect with clients and referral sources can be a very time consuming legal marketing strategy. In this interview, Nancy Fox, author of Network Like A Fox, shares tips to help attorneys find the RIGHT places to network. Networking with other lawyers is important, but when it comes to solid legal networking to find […]

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Top Attorney Marketing Follow-Up Tip That Works

Every attorney knows that follow up is essential to developing new relationships, yet a very small percentage actively do follow up with new contacts; therefore wasting much of their time spent on attorney marketing activities. I reached out to Nancy Fox, author of Network Like A Fox ( and asked her to share very specific […]

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Great Attorney Marketing Requires A Profitable Niche

money target_crop

Identifying and selecting a profitable niche is a challenging exercise for many attorneys, but one that will make significant difference in the growth and ongoing success of a law firm. In this video, Nancy Fox, founder of The Business Fox and author of the new book Networking Like a Fox , shares the benefits attorneys […]

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Are You Marketing A Law Firm With A Bad Business Card?


Business cards are one of oldest marketing tools that attorneys still rely on for marketing a law firm. But is your business card really supporting your marketing efforts? Are you attracting clients and referrals consistently? If not, I challenge you to take a look at your most recent business card and consider whether it: best […]

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Why Discounting Fees Is Destructive To Your Law Practice

Client Billing

Recently, I spoke to a lawyer about handling a matter for me. After we discussed it, it came to the ultimate question: How much do you think this will cost? She quoted me her fee. I said that I would like to think about it for a day or so. The next day I got […]

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7 Power Tips For Writing A Lawyer Profile On Linked In That Gets More Views – Part 2

In Part 1 of my article “7 Power Tips For Writing a Lawyer Profile on Linked In That Gets More Views“, I shared the three very specific items that will attract Google influential eyeballs and your ideal connections. In Part 2, I uncover 4 more tips that you can easily implement right away to strengthen […]

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7 Power Tips For Writing A Lawyer Profile On Linked In That Gets More Views (Part 1)


Like many, I’ve received a notice that I’m a top influencer from LinkedIn. It’s quite flattering considering the platform has over 200 million profiles listed. Did you receive a similar notice? This was a brilliant marketing move by Linked In: they made their members feel good, and they got millions of members to tweet about […]

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