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Nicoleas Mayne is the founder and owner of Mayne Marketing, an agency specializing in law firm content, articles, blogs, SEO, design, and more. With clients from Northern Canada to Thailand and Singapore, Mayne Marketing has become an established force in law firm marketing and online client attraction. Originally from Grande Prairie, Alberta, Nic now has bases in Canada, as well as in the Los Angeles area. Top ranking law firms in California, Michigan, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and throughout North America trust Nic to deliver high quality SEO content, innovative social media management, creative logo designs, effective PPC campaigns, and other marketing strategies. Nic has also worked on federal government contracts, with high-traffic sites including eHow and LIVESTRONG, and for top businesses in travel, service, petroleum, textile, and B2B industries.

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King Me! Why Content Rules

Market Me: How Marketing Is Changing and Why You Should Too

The following is an excerpt from Market Me: How Marketing Is Changing and Why You Should Too “… Content marketing won’t lead to overnight results. Think of your content marketing strategy like a game of checkers. That increase in visitors, customers, and profits is the moment your first checker is “kinged,” a moment of triumph […]

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Write Like You’re Having a Conversation – A Content Writing Tip for Lawyers

Content Writing Tip for Lawyers - Write Like You're Having a Conversation

When it comes to writing legal content for your law firm marketing strategies – Write like you’re having a conversation – says Nic Mayne, owner of I had the pleasure of interviewing Nic about Google’s newer ‘conversational search’ feature (released in 2013) and how it will impact the world of content marketing, specifically for […]

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Legal Marketing is Changing – Trends for 2014


Will the law firm marketing trends you have applied to date work in 2014? According to Nic Mayne of Mayne Marketing, 2014 will bring changes that attorneys will need to implement into their legal marketing plans. In 2013 there was a big focus on mass marketing, especially with social media content. However, now that everyone […]

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Content Writing Tips for Attorneys – More Than Just Words


Web content is changing, and it is already taking more than just words to capture and keep the attention of your target audience. Partly to blame are constant ads consumers have gotten used to seeing beside, between, and on top of content, but fortunately there are more professional ways to break up content For attorneys, […]

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Business Cards for the 21st Century Law Firm


Business cards are the essential “first impression” print marketing material that should become central to any successful branding campaign. Both attorneys and firms need stand-out business cards that capture the attention of prospective clients while expressing the brand image you want to portray. Moving beyond traditional colors, materials, and card features can help you take […]

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How to Market A Law Firm: Writing Engaging Content


Content truly is king in the marketing world, and attorneys and law firms should always be focused on creating fresh content that prospective clients will actually want to read. All too often, I see law firm webpages that have either incoherent content that doesn’t add any value to me as a reader, or keyword stuffed […]

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