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Oliver Byington serves as business development director for Client Chat Live, an Austin, TX based company that specializes in providing professional interactive web attendant services to the legal industry. Oliver has been in the technology sector since 2008, and has extensive experience with customer relations management, lead generation platforms and, of course, interactive chat technology. He is passionate about helping firms maximize their potential through technological efficiencies and the resultant benefits derived from successful implementations.

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The Lawyer’s Online Trifecta – Do You Have It?

Law Firm Online Marketing

For part one of this article, please click here…   MARKETING & ADVERTISING – You can’t just build a website and consider your work done. Like most consumer business, you should market and advertise. Your goal with marketing and advertising is about one thing – DRIVING TRAFFIC to your website. Traditional methods of advertising (TV, […]

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The Lawyer’s Online Trifecta – Do You Have It? – Part 1

Law Firm Online Marketing

If you don’t, you should be investing in a favorable odds strategy that positions your law firm to win at the online business game. Here’s a “Hot Tip” on doing it right. Internet commerce is growing at a rate relative to and congruent with technological innovation and consumers now resort to the internet for practically […]

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Acquiring Clients via Interactive Chat Technology – Epilogue

Website Client Chat Technology

So, what about this interactive chat technology? To my delight, questions of interest followed the recent article I wrote on “Turning Web Visitors into Clients with Chat Technology”. As a lawyer, you have to admit, it’s refreshing, though sometimes challenging to be a part of an evolving paradigm. Case in point – Ever wonder why […]

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Turning Web Visitors into Clients with Chat Technology

Client Chat Technology

Competing for clients is part and parcel of any law practice’s modus operandi. And, because the majority of potential clients now spend time seeking legal services online, firms are strategically allocating budgets building dynamic websites, creating SEO that targets keyword searches and carrying out pay per click campaigns all designed to do one thing – […]

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