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I am a Multi-Award Winning Lawyer and Law Firm Marketing Specialist working with law firms internationally and I am also the Global Digital Strategist for Erin Brockovich. I am the Founder and Director of the leading law firm marketing company, Fast Firms that provides end to end marketing solutions, both on and offline and most recently, the comprehensive marketing solution platform for small firms called LegalPress. See it at getlegalpress.com Fast Firms offers the industry some great diagnostic and marketing resources here: - Law Firm Website Grader at www.firmranker.com - Law Firm Marketing Courses, Podcasts and Videos at www.dantoombs.net We help law firms with: - Brand Strategy; - Brand Design & Development; - Digital Marketing Strategy; - Web Design & Development; - Profile Photography; - Mobile App Design & Development; - Email & Social Media Marketing; - Podcasting; - Print Design (large to small scale) - Consulting Services To find out more, in the USA call: (1) 844-839-7929. In Australia call: (07) 3041 1148 or simply reach out at www.dantoombs.net or www.fastfirms.com

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Get New Business with Inbound Lead Magnets


By Dan Toombs, Director of Fast Firms, The Global Law Firm Marketing Company. Telephone 213 337 8625, email dantoombs@fastfirms.com Read Part One of Dan’s inbound marketing series: What’s Your Law Firm’s Inbound Marketing Strategy? We all know the importance of generating content if you want to effectively market your law firm in 2016, but with the […]

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What’s Your Law Firm’s Inbound Marketing Strategy?

Webinar Wednesday - How to Target Your Ideal Client in a World Full of Lawyers

By Dan Toombs, Director of Fast Firms, The Law Firm Maketing Company. He is based in Brisbane, Australia,US telephone 844 839 7929, email dantoombs@fastfirms.com. When it comes to marketing their law firm, most legal practices never start with a strategy. Invariably it’s the case that the managing partner, the practice manager or someone else in the […]

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