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Matt Thompson is Vice President of Product Marketing for Foundation Software Group and is an industry thought leader on how professional services firms can leverage technology to enable best practice business development initiatives. With 18+ years providing marketing solutions for law firms, he is focused on how firms can adopt data-driven approaches to business development, deliver superior client experiences, and leverage relevant aspects of modern selling methodologies. 

Matt previously held senior management roles within sales, consulting services, product management, customer experience, partner relations and technical communications. A Six Sigma green belt, he is also certified in Pragmatic Marketing. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Lowell (Massachusetts).

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Twitter: @matt_d_thompson

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Business Developers: Think Like a Consultant

think brain waves square

As law firms continue to invest in business development, more marketing roles at firms are being tasked with helping attorneys with their BD initiatives. The success of these BD support roles, however, is often limited by the extent to which the lawyers buy into the marketing and BD activities and actively participate. Lawyers may be […]

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Six Best Ways to Get New Business with an Improved Client Experience

I’ve been to many GC panels at legal marketing and business development events over the past few years. When participants are asked what factors they consider when deciding which firms to work with, they say they view legal excellence as table stakes. Instead they say they give more work to the firms who communicate the […]

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The Seven Dimensions of Law Firm Business Development Maturity

535 LexisNexis-BD-Maturity-Model

Law firms vary across a broad spectrum in terms of how developed and sophisticated their business development approaches are. Some law firms have fully embraced modern selling processes, tools and attitudes. Other firms approach business development in a more traditional, reactive, or primitive way. How do you know where your firm is across this spectrum […]

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Five Tips for Law Firm Business Development Metrics

Five Tips for Law Firm Business Development Metrics 535

By Matt Thompson, the director of the Client Success Team Program for the LexisNexis InterAction business. A recently released report analyzing a survey of 400+ U.S. legal marketers and business development professionals – and first reported on – by LexisNexis identified what metrics firms are tracking as shown in the chart nearby: Most law firm marketing […]

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75% of Law Firms Have a Business Development Department

law firm marketing vs. business development

See the results: New Study:  Emerging Story of Law Firm Business Development Conventional wisdom has it that law firms are putting a bigger emphasis on business development (BD) than ever before. With greater competition and changes in the ways clients buy legal services, firms have augmented resources and investments in marketing to focus on BD. When […]

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6 Tips for Aspiring Rainmakers to Sell the Invisible 

selling the invisible

By Matt Thompson, the director of the Client Success Team Program for the LexisNexis InterAction business. Law firms are a unique category of business in that the lawyers are both the “product” and the “sales force.” This means traditional sales techniques designed for organizations that sell a tangible products through a dedicated sales force, don’t translate well.  […]

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7 Benefits of Creating a Sales Pipeline

7 Benefits of Creating a Sales Pipeline

Sales may be a dirty word in law firms, but the notion of a sales pipeline is an essential element of business development. A sales pipeline identifies the stages of buying and selling, and depicts the progress of a buyer’s journey. Law firms typically find there are between three and five defined stages in a […]

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10 Best Practices to Implement CRM Effectively in Your Law Firm

10 Best Practices to Implement Law Firm CRM Effectively

For nearly two decades, I have worked with law firms to help them maximize the value they get from client relationship management (CRM) systems. Most recently, my team and I developed a CRM success assessment and audited over 50 law firms. During these audits we asked these firms questions in 14 different categories, through which […]

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6 Steps to Transform Business Development Action into Real Results

matt thompson

By Matt Thompson, the director of the Client Success Team Program for the LexisNexis InterAction business. It is an all too familiar conundrum – busy attorneys meet, whenever possible, to discuss the firm’s new business pipeline and share prospects. Then, before they even have a chance to set follow-up reminders on their calendars, they are bombarded with flurry of […]

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