The Benefits & Opportunities of Guest Blogging for Attorneys

The Benefits and Opportunities of Guest Blogging for AttorneysHaving content published on other professionals’ websites has long been an effective promotional activity. For attorneys, it can help establish them as an authority on a specific practice area in addition to helping them build a referral network. If you are new to guest blogging, this article helps outline why the practice is good for promoting your brand online, and it will show you how to go about getting it done.

Why Is Guest Blogging Beneficial

There are a handful of core reasons why guest posting has helped companies and individuals in a variety of industries accomplish their goals.

Exposure to a Broader Audience

This is especially true if you’ve just started promoting or blogging online. You might not have a large following, but if you can land a guest-posting opportunity on a blog that already has a large following, you are essentially skipping ahead for a little while. Even if the audience isn’t that large, blog followers tend to be far more engaged than consumers who regularly watch mainstream media.

Networking Opportunities

When identifying and working with other website owners to create and publish content, you have to reach out to and interact with them (more on this in a moment). It starts out as a sales- or networking-type relationship where you are trying to get something from someone else, or work together in a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Naturally, other benefits may come out of this, including referral work, active collaboration on cases together, or at the very least, a reference.

SEO Benefits

When you have a post on someone else’s website, this is a great opportunity to get a new link to your website. In many cases, you can even choose the anchor text leading back to your site. Of course, you can get links in a lot of different ways from a lot of different domains, but guest-blogging links are special.

These kinds of links are of really high quality because they can be embedded in core content, they can be configured to be remarkably helpful to users and in the eyes of search engines, they are the model of the way all links should be configured to truly show that the linked site is of value.

Identifying Guest-Blogging Targets

You can think of this as sort of a sales-prospecting process where the blogs you want to post on have to fit a specific set of criteria just like a buyer. You don’t want sites or blogs that aren’t relevant to you or that have an audience that isn’t relevant.

In addition, you don’t want sites that are  of low quality. For example, if a website is set up as an advertising spam bucket with no real purpose but to get visitors to click on ads, guest posting there is probably not a good idea.

Look for Relevant or Complementary Blogs or Sites

This tip is one of the more obvious ones. Look for sites where the audience of the content will also be receptive to your messaging/content. If you are a personal injury attorney and you have guest posts related to your practice for consumers to read, look for sites that are run by attorneys who are in the same practice area. For complementary sites, you might look for insurance companies that specialize in covering claims of personal injury victims.

Look for any site that has an audience that would find your content useful. Those targets should also be sites where the audience might expect to find content similar to what you produce.

Find High-Quality Websites

As mentioned before, don’t just solicit any website for guest posting, especially if the site is promoting itself as a guest-posting platform. There are reputable businesses that provide this service, but you have to be careful.

For the most part, you can tell within a handful of seconds whether a site is good to be soliciting for a guest post or not. If you are unsure, there are a few things you can do to make sure the site isn’t a bad egg.

  • Make sure it has URLs indexed in search by using the site:operator
  • Use the Web of Trust add-on  for Firefox to check if the site has any red flags
  • Look for reviews on the brand or person you are looking into. Have others had a good experience or bad experience?

Check Technical Things

From an SEO standpoint, there are a few things you can check to see if the site is good for guest posting. That being said, SEO should not be the sole driver of your guest-posting activities. There is something to be said for being associated with a well-known brand or individual.

Look at the PR

PageRank is important for links, and if the domain or specific page your guest post will appear on has low PR, that is one factor to take into account. If PageRank is the only thing you are worried about, and it is below a 3, you might want to move on.

Link Profile

You can use a free SEO program like a trial version of Open Site Explorer or Link Assistant to get a glimpse of a target domain’s backlink profile. If they don’t have a lot of links or have a lot of low-quality links pointing at their domain, a guest post for SEO’s sake may not be the best use of time.

Author Section

Does the site where the post will reside provide an area for author information? This helps get you exposure, and it also helps facilitate your image showing up with authorship in search results.

Note that the SEO benefits of guest posting are (for the most part) probably the smaller win in any guest-posting campaign. Focus more on the networking and promotion part of getting content on other professionals’ sites.


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