Building Your Reputation As A Woman Lawyer (and Dealing With Fear)

WisdomWednesdayforWomenLawyersIn today’s episode of Wednesday Wisdom of Women Lawyers, Kimberly Rice, Principal of KLA Marketing and founder of the Women In The Law Rainmaker Forum answers this question:

I’ve been practicing law for just under 10 years. I just moved from a large firm to a smaller firm and focusing on my preferred target.

This is my second career.

Where I even start with building my reputation? I’ve been presented with all kinds of opportunities but I’ve turned them down because I’m afraid. Any words of wisdom?

In the last year, Kimberly has noted many people who are choosing law as their second career.  They are to be congratulated for their courage in taking a different career path.

With regards to building your reputation as a woman lawyer – you need to demonstrate your area of expertise.

In the video, Kimberly shares various strategies that support women attorneys with demonstrating their expertise and therefore building their reputation.  Taking up a blog, writing articles, speaking – just to name a few.


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One important thing to note – building your reputation takes time.  Actively pursuing various strategies and embracing your knowledge will support you in meeting new people, building connections and ultimately increasing your name as a credible legal professional.

When it comes to dealing with your fear – here’s what Kimberly has to say:

Fear of failure is typical of high achievers.  Think of the great achievers that you admire – those highest achieves have experienced the highest rate of failure because it’s only through failing that they have succeeded.

The next time you stop yourself out of fear, ask yourself: What’s the worst thing that can happen?

Your failures can be your greatest lessons.  In the scope of building your reputation and books of clients, there is no failure.

If something didn’t work well, you regroup, you recollect,  you learn and then you try it again – perhaps by using a different tool or approach.


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