Business Cards for the 21st Century Law Firm

bizcardBusiness cards are the essential “first impression” print marketing material that should become central to any successful branding campaign. Both attorneys and firms need stand-out business cards that capture the attention of prospective clients while expressing the brand image you want to portray. Moving beyond traditional colors, materials, and card features can help you take your print marketing to the next level and build your brand using cost-effective print media.

Materials – Build Your Card on a Perfect Base

Think of your business card as a pocket version of yourself – something people hold onto as a reminder of a conversation you had or a service you provide. Basic paper business cards wear quickly, corners bend and ink rubs off, which makes it likely they end up in the trash. If your card isn’t something people want to hold onto, made of a durable material that can last months or years, you could miss out on valuable client attraction opportunities.

Paper business cards make it tougher to stand out – you need a killer design if you’re going to stick with the same material millions of others use. If you do decide to go with a paper card, make sure you use a high quality cardstock, perhaps something with a little gloss so that the card stays looking new longer. Paper cards are best for mass distribution; cheap, easy to get printed, and quick to design. However, you may need something more to stand out in situations where you really need to make an impression. Plastic business cards are more durable, modern looking, and offer different design features that could help you take your print marketing to the next level. I use a transparent PVC plastic card thin enough to bend in half yet strong enough to not crease or crack. Other materials increasing in popularity are metal, wood, and cork. Most prospective clients find it hard to throw away a card made of unique materials, while a paper card might never even make it to their desk. Make sure your card is something people want to hang on to, and know that there is nothing wrong with carrying two types of business card – a cheap card to hand out to anyone and everyone and a high quality card to give to people you really want to impress.

Color Your Business Card – Stand Out With Your Law Firm Business Card Design

After choosing a material, think about your brand image and what ink and features you need your card to have. If you’ve chosen a modern material, perhaps black ink is all you need. Colored inks layered over transparent or frosted plastic, high quality paper, or a wooden card can help your card stand out, and if done well may even give a paper card that extra boost it needs. For firms that really want to stick out in a crowd, foil and metallic inks can fit nicely with just about any material.

Card Design – A Worthy Investment

A great card could bring tens, hundreds, or thousands of new clients in every year, depending on the size of your business, and oftentimes cards become your go-to marketing material. Investing in a modern business card design and high quality materials will definitely pay off, as even the highest quality cards usually stay under a dollar a piece. Don’t get lazy with your print marketing; take a unique material, design, card shape, or features (QR codes are perfect for business cards) and make a statement the next time you hand out a card. Keep in mind that people often forget conversations, and may even forget who you are, but if your card stays in a person’s wallet or on his or her desk, every time they see it you are reinforcing your reputation in their mind and reminding them of the value you demonstrate.

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  1. Corey Savage Says:

    “Don’t get lazy with your print marketing” is a great tip. Sure, it’s cheap to make and print your own business cards, but do they look professional? The presentation of a business card says a lot about the individual and the organization that they work for.


    • Nicoleas Mayne
      Nic Mayne Says:

      Exactly Corey, business cards are an essential branding material, and all too often people overlook the necessity of making an impression with a card just because “they’ll throw it out anyway.” Don’t view it as making an investment in your business cards, but an investment in your professional image – some of our more unique business card designs have enhanced our reputation and even brought in clients who want similarly unique designs, which even at $1+ per card is money well spent.


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