Challenges Women Attorneys Face in Today’s Law Firms

Women Attorneys Face ChallengesYou may not always see it or know that it’s going on in your law firm, but in many cases, women attorneys are still being treated differently in the legal profession.

Kimberly Rice and specialize in working with women attorneys – to help them move beyond the obstacles they face daily in the legal community. Kimberly notes that while women comprise the majority of the attorney count in law firms, they represent only 4-5% of the leadership in a practice. Sexual harassment, gender discrimination and lower wages (women make $0.76 less per every $1.00 a male is compensated at the same level) are common obstacles women need to navigate around in order to become successful.

There are several organizations who provide various tools and resources to support women in the legal profession. Here are a few that Kimberly mentioned in this video:

Each of these organizations offer a variety of resources and tools to support women who are confronting these and any other challenges in their profession.

Click below to listen to my interview with Kimberly where she further describes the common challenges women are facing in today’s legal world and options to support them achieve success.    Are the women in your practice dealing with these obstacles?


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