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contentwritingtipsforattorneysWeb content is changing, and it is already taking more than just words to capture and keep the attention of your target audience. Partly to blame are constant ads consumers have gotten used to seeing beside, between, and on top of content, but fortunately there are more professional ways to break up content For attorneys, it can be difficult to keep content concise while still including relevant information and keywords, however understanding what potential clients are looking for will help you increase site visits and potentially, search engine rankings.

Structure is Key
It’s well known that readers on the internet prefer pages that are broken up into smaller paragraphs, however it might not be enough to just break up the page. The blog posts that are most successful are those that include a variety of images which are purposefully placed between paragraphs or beside key details. When a reader encounters a large chunk of legal information, he or she is comforted by the inclusion of relevant pictures and descriptions and is more likely to read through the entire page.

Although sometimes difficult to do in the legal industry, another successful strategy is to utilize infographics, which express an idea using a small amount of text. Image-heavy content is also great for social media; Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn users are much more likely to skip over an all text post, and choosing a great featured image is essential.

Adding images isn’t just for readers though. Images not only can boost your page relevancy and keyword density, but can often create extra listings in Google search results or at the very least boost your currently indexed pages. As you experiment with images and tags on your pages, you will find certain strategies to be very advantageous when it comes to SEO.

Steer Clear of Clichés
On attorney websites, it’s very difficult to go beyond the gavel and scales and pick images that stand out, but it is important to avoid clichés as much as possible. The rule of thumb when it comes to content is “always opt for the unexpected.” Pull out a key detail from the text as a tagline and utilize a unique image that somehow relates to that specific piece of information. Doing this not only gives the reader a break from the content, but can reinforce certain points you want to get across by essentially having them read through it again, this time with an added visual component.

Of course, the importance of text itself is in no way diminished by the success of images, but it is becoming more important to effectively utilize both throughout your site. Oftentimes, it is even possible to think up a blog post from an interesting image or series of images, or at the very least it can help in expanding an existing idea.

If you want your content and blog posts to be successful, you need it to look great, read great, and make an impact on the reader. Try using images to enhance the structure of the page and emphasize key details that will make the reader want to come back to your site.

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