Converting Online Prospects Into Law Firm Clients

Lead Conversion for Law FirmsThis infographic, created by, provides a clean summary of key pieces to converting online prospects into new law firm clients.

We’ve covered lead generation and conversion extensively via a few videos and posts at  We know that most attorneys focus their efforts on lead generation and less on lead conversion.

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The very first step to lead conversion is to use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program that will manage the overall sales of leads, track interactions and analyze success and failure rates.  Infusionsoft is a popular system used by many law firms.

If you’re interested in Infusionsoft and implementing it into your law firm, let us know — we have a great resource for you who specializes in helping law firms in this area.

The second step is to respond quickly to customer service requests. This means monitoring all means that people may use to contact your practice – email, phone, social media, website chat — all of them.  Have someone responsible for monitoring these through the day and set an expectation of how quickly responses should be made.  On the evenings and weekends, have someone in the office in charge of returning calls.

Be personable.  Be personable in your blog content, in your social media posts, in your newsletters, in your client meetings – everywhere.  When you’re personable, you will capture attention and open the opportunity for prospects to build a relationship with you.

Meet In Person.  You likely do this already in your practice and also know that meeting in person adds that human element that builds a better, longer-term relationship.

Follow-Up.  Follow Up.  Follow Up.   Two simple words that we know and use but that we often ignore in the sales process.  Follow up regularly (a newsletter is one strategy to include in your follow up process).    The majority of sales are made during the 5th to 12th contact!

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How to Close a Law Firm Lead


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