When Doing Great Legal Work Isn’t Enough- Wednesday Wisdom for Women Lawyers

WisdomWednesdayforWomenLawyersIn today’s issue of Wednesday Wisdom for Women Lawyers, Kimberly answers this question:

I’ve been reading the news lately about a large acquisition. I’ve always thought it’s better to just be invisible, fly under the radar and just do good work. Is that so bad?  

Before you watch the video below and hear Kimberly’s answer to this question, what are your thoughts?  Do you think it’s critical for women attorneys to build their own book of business or is it enough to just do great work?

The Morgan Lewis acquisition of Bingham McCutchen recently hit the news.  To read more about this, click here.

Click play to hear Kimberly’s response.

Here’s what Kimberly had to say:

It’s not so bad to just do good work, as long as the firm is doing well. However, she does caution that if you don’t have your book of business or are not working towards creating your book of business and are relying on people assigning you work, you may run into trouble.

Developing your own book of business is a choice that you, a professional lawyer, has complete control over.

If you are working at just doing good work but realize it’s time to make a change and you are committed to developing your own book of business, here are three tactics that Kimberly advises you jump on as quickly as possible:

1. Capture Every Contact You Can

Think high school, college, law school, graduate school — capture every name you can think of.

Consistently work at developing and building a solid contact list.

2. Develop Your Personal Brand

It’s never been easier to build your personal brand. Tools such as LinkedIn, Google+, your own law firm blog etc. will support you in building your personal brand as long as you are consistently active in each.

3. Fine Tune Your Digital Assets

Think blogging, articles videos – are you consistently producing more and sharing them? Is your profile on all the various platforms and ranking sites up to date and is your contact information current (you would be surprised at how many profiles we see where the information is not current).


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