Why Even Intelligent Lawyers Don’t Have Business Plans Yet

Law Firm Business PlanThere are four reasons why you don’t have a written business plan yet, for your law firm…even though by now you are an intelligent person and know you should have one.

#1. No-On Ever Told You

The first reason is because no-one ever told you before that you should have a written business plan for your law firm.

In fact if your experience when you got out of law school was anything like mine, a bunch of idiots who have been banging their own heads against the same wall for the last 15 years because they don’t have a written business plan for their law firm…they told you that a law firm is different and blah, blah, blah that’s why we don’t need to have a written business plan for our law firm and neither do you.

Just pull up a chair next to this wall and lets compete to see who can make a bigger dent.

#2. You’re Confused, Intimidated, Lost and Don’t Know Where to Begin

The second reason is because no-one ever taught you how or held your hand and took you confidently and quickly through the process of how to write a business plan for a successful solo or small law firm.  And so you’ve been confused, intimidated, lost and probably didn’t know where to begin.

#3.  You’re Confused

The third reason is because you’ve confused the meaning of the word “busy” with the importance of the word “effective”.  Lawyers who compete to see who can put a bigger dent in the same wall with their heads love to compete, and brag and use it as an excuse to say how “busy” they are.  As if their investors, their clients or anyone else except all the other idiots who are busy banging their heads against the same wall is the least bit impressed.

I even write on the wall in front of them from time to time “No One Cares How Busy You Are”.  In fact you’re reading those words right now aren’t you?

But when you’ve banged your head against the wall hard-enough, long-enough your eyesight gets blurry and you sometimes can’t see the opportunity right in front of you.

So go back to banging your head against the wall or try a different approach.

#4.  Simply No Time

The fourth reason is because you’ve been meaning to get around to it.  Except if you’ve never done it before.  And your mentors have never done it before.  And most of your friends are convinced they don’t even have to do it because somehow they think a law firm is different.  And you’re “busy”.  And it’s intimidating.  And it’s hard to do on your own.

So despite your best intentions you have allowed HOW MANY YEARS of your life and career to slip past you and you still haven’t “found the time” to write a business plan to make your law firm and your life better.

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