For Attorneys and Law Firms, Online Reputation Could Make or Break Your Career

Reputation Management for Law FirmsAn online presence has become a critical element of success for attorneys and their law firms. For members of the legal services industry, it’s imperative to maintain a positive online reputation in order to secure your standing as a trusted professional in your field.

The first impression of your law firm is generally formed after a Google search. Prospective clients will most likely browse the first page or two of Google search results to learn more about you and your firm. Therefore, any negative listings towards the top of Google search results are potentially devastating to your online reputation.

It’s impossible to delete this misleading information from the Internet. However, you can steer attention towards more positive mentions that will attract clients and colleagues alike. Below are a few tips and tricks that will help you to monitor and manage your online reputation.

Stay Alert

First, subscribe to Google Alerts and begin a regular pattern of monitoring your results. Set up an Alert of search terms including your name, the name of your firm and all attorneys employed there. Don’t forget to add common misspellings of these search terms so that you stay on top of your Google search results. Google Alerts is the basic Internet monitoring tool that everyone should be using. Consider using more advanced tools like Review Trackers (to monitor review sites) and Trackur (to monitor the general Web). Always remember that the best way to monitor you and your firm is to regularly perform a manual search on BING and Google.

Master Your Domain

Domain names are often the first step towards taking control of your online reputation. Own your domain name, all its variations and all of the top domain extensions. Continually update these sites with relevant, information-rich content tailored to your audience that will satisfy both the search engines and your prospective clients.

Content Is Key

Developing sites, blogs, social and review site profiles and other positive content will help in outranking these negative postings. Increase your ranking on these search engines by creating professional profiles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you’re adept at multimedia advertising, form a YouTube or Vimeo channel. Once you have established these properties, continually post new content to them. This is not a one-time effort.

Seek Outside Help

Hire an online reputation management company that has a proven history of working with law firms. You do not want to be at risk of losing your license. Seeking guidance from inexperienced professionals could put your to practice law at risk. An online reputation management company knows the right strategy for suppressing negative postings that may hurt your online reputation. The majority of our clients are in regulated industries so we know how to approach each step of the process with caution. An online reputation management company will pay close attention to search engine changes so that you know exactly how you and your firm are being portrayed publicly on search engine results pages.

Your reputation is your brand. Be proactive about protecting it so that you can look forward to continued success.

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