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National Trial LawyersWant more referrals? The National Trial Lawyers recently posted an article, written by Stephen Fairley, CEO of The Rainmaker Institute, on Proven Steps to Double Your Referrals from Other Attorneys.

I’ve included the beginning of the article below. To read the full article and all 10 proven steps, click here.

For many attorneys, lawyer-to-lawyer referrals are the best method to obtain worthwhile new clients. Research by LexisNexis found that 26% of a US law firm’s income typically comes from referred work. However, too many attorneys rely on random referrals — referrals that may or may not come – as opposed to methodically generating new files with referrals.

Developing a referral relationship is a continuing, two-way process. It can’t just be you asking your legal peers for referrals. It requires regular contact and you showing as much concern for their business as you are asking them to show for yours. Most referral sources will only send you referrals if they know will offer a referral fee and make referrals back to them.

Attorneys can use this proven 10-step step system to create a referral network of other attorneys.

1. Identify your best possible referral sources.

Start with other attorneys with whom you don’t directly compete and non-attorneys who are in position to refer you (medical professionals, chiropractors or auto repair shops). If you practice plaintiff’s personal injury law

Continue with litigators in other firms — look for attorneys in high volume practice areas such as bankruptcy, social security disability insurance law and workers comp attorneys. Also include litigators who are conflicted out of a case, smaller firms that don’t have the bandwidth to handle major catastrophic injuries cases, family law attorneys and criminal defense lawyers.

2. Advertise your interest in receiving referrals.

Make it easy for a referring lawyers with a million-dollar file to know about you. It makes sense to follow the example of hundreds of lawyers nationwide who advertise in magazines and websites for lawyers, such at The Trial Lawyer.

To attract the cases you should:

  • Demonstrate your expertise by listing examples of your jury awards and settlements.
  • Spell out the kind of cases you seek, whether it’s class actions, product liability or mass tort cases.
  • Display rankings and accolades you have earned.
  • Emphasize that you appreciatively pay referral fees.

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