Hashtags in Law Firm Social Media Marketing Benefit Attorneys

NewTwitter75(1)The first time I saw a hashtag (#) on Twitter I thought it was a typo.  Then I started seeing a lot more # signs and so I Googled what a # sign meant in Twitter-land.   (Yes, I admit it, I went to Google to find the answer to my question!)

Hashtags are all over the place these days.  Twitter is primarily responsible for making hashtags popular but you will soon be able to also use them on Facebook too.

What do hashtags have to do with your law firm’s social media marketing efforts?  Keep reading.

WebShark350.com describes hashtags as “words or phrases that follow a number sign”.  For example #lawmarketing, #legalmarketing.   Hashtags generally illustrate what is trending online and relates to a specific event, topic or anything that might be popular.

When you click on a hashtag, the social media platform (i.e Twitter) will display all the other messages that also use the same hashtag (i.e. #lawmarketing).  This way you can easily and instantly review other messages on the same topic (as long as the hashtag has also been applied to the message).  This supports discussions amongst a network of people who are discussing the same topic.

As per WebShark360, here’s how attorneys and law firms can use hashtags in their law firm social media marketing.   Through the use of hashtags on popular sites attorneys can:

  • Engage online users. When implementing a hashtag regarding your practice areas, you can connect to a wide variety of people and even build a community. By conversing to other users you can reach out to leads and prospective clients.
  • Target your audience. However, when using hashtags, you must hashtag the right keywords or topics or you may target the wrong audience. If you work in personal injury, you should hashtag #car #accidents. Hashtagging a popular topic that is unrelated to your services may get you nowhere and will be a waste of time.
  • Promotion and awareness. Facebook and twitter posts are share-able. If an online user views your hashtag, likes what you post, he or she may share it and promote your services with all of their friends and followers.

Here are a few tips from Twitter to keep in mind when using hashtags:

  • if you Tweet with a hashtag on a public account, account who does a search for that hashtag may find your tweet
  • Don’t spam with hashtags!  Don’t over-tag a single Tweet (no more than 2 hashtags per Tweet)
  • Use hashtags only on Tweets relevant to the topic

Start using hashtags in your legal marketing efforts and connect with others more easily than if you were to post without hashtags.

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