How Google's New Algorithm, Hummingbird, Impacts Small & Solo Law Firms

Last week I introduced you to Google’s new algorithm, Hummingbird, and promised to share more details on what this means to small and solo law firms.

I checked in with Tanner Jones, Marketing Director, and asked him to tell us what Hummingbird was really all about and how it impacted attorney marketing.

In very simple terms, Tanner was able to tell me what Hummingbird is named for being ‘fast and precise’.  He also shared how Hummingbird is different from Google’s previous algorithms, Penguin and Panda,  and also what lawyers should continue to do consistently to increasingly benefit from Hummingbird.

I encourage you to watch the video interview below and note:

  • How Hummingbird is different from Google’s other algorithms
  • What it means if you haven’t seen your traffic or web conversions drop (it’s good news!)
  • How Hummingbird will impact your law firm marketing
  • Why you should focus on long tail searches and what they mean to your content marketing plan

To watch more law marketing videos on’s YouTube Channel, click here.

Tanner Jones

About Tanner Jones

Tanner Jones serves as the marketing director for,. Consultwebs fosters professional, long-term relationships built on trust, integrity, quality and results. Often the first contact our clients have with our firm, Tanner helps law firms develop their online marketing strategies, including search engine optimization, responsive website design, and pay-per-click advertising. Tanner has spoken and presented at multiple legal marketing seminars throughout the country.

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