How To Build a Successful Google+ Law Firm Community

Google+When first introduced, Google Plus didn’t have the fan-fare that would suggest it would have been around as long as it has. With flops like Google Buzz and Google’s unabashed tendency to fall on it’s face with new startups, it was no surprise people once felt this way about the new social platform. Today though, it would seem that Google Plus is here to stay. With more than 40 million users and indications that interaction on the platform is a key driver of traffic, building a community there can be a smart thing to do.

A notable feature of the platform is communities. These are simply sub-groups of people who share interests. You can collaborate, share and interact in a world apart from your main Google Plus feed. Growing a community takes a little practice and we would like to share some of our tips for establishing a successful Google Plus law firm community.

Getting People to Join

I know, I know this is a no-brainer right? Google Plus communities are not that old and you really have to push to get people to join. Some people who you may want to participate because they are influential in the legal community might not even have a Google Plus profile.

Have a clear theme for your community so people see value in joining and contributing. For example maybe you can get people from multiple practice areas to join so you can share information across the industry. Reach out to people any way you can whether through email, through Google Plus or any other venu where you can send them a link to the community.

The makeup of your community is very important. Think of the last time you went to an online forum or perhaps some other community online. If the people there weren’t helpful or nice or in some way beneficial to you, then your stay there was probably pretty short. Look for high quality and high value people to join your community at first.

Designate a Thought Leader

Along the lines of keeping people interested and engaged, you should have at least one (more is better) thought leader in your community. This person can be you or it can be someone who volunteers to do it for you (or even someone that you pay).

This person should either engage with others in the community and when not doing that, initiating thought provoking conversations on topics interesting to the group. This could come in the form of posting links, sharing useful documents, videos or blog posts and in general keeping things alive.

One of the most common things that kills new groups, communities and forums is lack of activity. When no one is posting anything or when no one is offering helpful information or advice, members leave.

Leverage Google Plus

There are several advantages to hosting a community on Google Plus that other platforms do not offer. You can take advantage of these features in order to get more exposure for your community and attract more thought leaders.

  • Use Hashtags: Try and use these where ever possible in your posts to tie the content to hot topics on Google Plus or to trending searches. You might have to stop and think about it before you post but if you can get that content in front of more eyeballs, why not do it?
  • Leave Default Visibility: By default, everything you post in your community also shows up in your public page. Unless you have a compelling reason not to, leave this setting alone. You might be able to gain more members by letting content seep out of your community.
  • Interact: Plus one, comment, share and otherwise interact with other members of the community as much as you possibly can and encourage others to do so as well. This in turn gets you more exposure and gets more exposure for the community.
  • Share: Alert your own network or others that the community exists by sharing it. People often look for communities or circles that align with their interests. Chances are you already know some influential people that would join your community if they only knew it existed.
  • Report Spam: Spam is another thing that kills online communities, forums and other congregation spots. People hate spam and the more they see it, the less time they spend in a community. Report spam like it’s your religion. Google is a leader in spam-crushing so be sure to report it as often as you see it.

Online communities like those provided by Google Plus are a unique and effective way to get people with similar interests together online. If curated correctly, they can be awesome resources of knowledge, ideas, and networking opportunities.


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