How to crush negative reviews of your law firm in 2016

online reputation managementBy Ryan Flannagan.

A free country always promotes its citizens’ rights. And most of all, it promotes free speech. But as Uncle Ben said in the movie Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility.” And what happens when people do not follow that? There can be bad consequences, including unwarranted criticism. And it could happen to the best law firms through negative reviews.

But in the era of digital domain, negative reviews about a law firm can start spreading like wildfire in no time. How to get rid of it? Following are few handy tips for the same: 

Utilize YouTube

More often than not, the negative reviews about your law firm will have its own keywords that help people find it. And if it is catching fire, it would be at the top of search engine results. One of the ways to counter this effectively is to create YouTube videos that are testimonials of your existing, satisfied clients about the quality of service you provide. This video, in its description segment in YouTube, must have content that is rich in the same keywords as that of the negative reviews. If your video is moderate in length and appropriate keyword enriched, the same keyword search will now show the YouTube video at a higher rank than the negative reviews. And ‘seeing is believing’ really works well – it will negate the impact of the existing negative reviews.

Go to the source for a remedy

Negative reviews are usually a part of some kind of review site. Every review site has its own algorithm working in order to maintain its credibility with authentic reviews. So one of the ways to negate the impact of the negative reviews is to contact the review site itself. While they may not be able to take down all negative reviews, they would definitely take down illegitimate reviews.


The reviews that cannot be taken off the review sites can still be handled. Look at the scenario in detail and determine the exact cause of the negativity. In most cases, the negative review writers leave room for a reasoned response. Respond positively and politely utilizing such loopholes to show to the world that under the given circumstances, how clear your stance is. Chances are that when you respond reasonably and politely in an open manner, the readers will start swinging your way.

Encourage your clients to respond

Apart from the YouTube videos, encourage your existing pool of satisfied customers to write reviews in your favor on the same set of websites where the negative reviews exist, but do not limit the reviews to these sites alone. Publish the same reviews (you may choose to rewrite or reword them) on several well-known review sites such as Yelp. Avvo, and last but not the least, Google+.

Get blogging

Apart from positive reviews, it is also a great idea to write constructive and refreshing blog posts that help people. This activity works to build favorable a brand image for your law firm which, in turn, negates the impact of not only existing negative reviews but also forthcoming negative reviews, if any. Hire professionals to write blog posts linking back to your website and publish the blog posts in leading blogs such as Huffington Post, Forbes, TMZ, LifeHacker (and the list can be long) as well as popular legal blogs.

Periodical maintenance

While you apply the aforementioned tips, it is equally important to ensure that the content you post, whether it is print or videos, is always updated periodically. This ensures that the positive content about you is always at the top of the search results.

In the end, negative reviews can be every law firm’s night mare. Whether it is for Civil Lawyers or for Military Lawyers that excel as Military Trial Defenders, everyone requires a good PR strategy and working the way around to crush negative reviews.


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