How to Market A Law Firm: Writing Engaging Content

kingcontent2Content truly is king in the marketing world, and attorneys and law firms should always be focused on creating fresh content that prospective clients will actually want to read. All too often, I see law firm webpages that have either incoherent content that doesn’t add any value to me as a reader, or keyword stuffed content that doesn’t read fluidly. Your content should draw readers in right away and sell them on your knowledge before selling them on your practice; demonstrate why you have value before telling the reader you have value. Calls to action can be very effective, but if the content behind those calls has no weight, why would the reader hire you?

Write First, Optimize Later. When creating web content, many attorneys have their marketing director or SEO consultant’s voice in the back of their head. Content written with SEO on the mind often comes out dry, keyword stuffed, and hard to read. A 1000 word page of content doesn’t seem long when well-written, but rigid, systematical content gets old after about 20 words. Write your content first, then worry about optimization when you edit.

Identify your target audience, and treat each page like an initial consultation with that audience – show them what you can do, leave them wanting more, then reel them in. When you go back and proofread your content, let those voices you had blocked out begin to influence you. You’ll begin to see consecutive sentences using the same words, you’ll see opportunities to use keywords and key phrases effectively, and you will be able to optimize the page without taking away from its natural flow.

Write Relevant Content. Page relevancy is huge for multiple reasons. First, if your content isn’t relevant to the reader, why would they want to work with you? Don’t mislead your readers by adding words to titles and headers that you don’t intend on covering in-depth throughout the content. If you find yourself wanting to put multiple topics into one title, write two content pages instead.

Secondly, Google knows what you’re up to, and they don’t take kindly to it. If your content isn’t relevant to your readers, if it doesn’t add any value to them, your search rankings will plummet. A lot of lawyers think they can get away with writing generalized, wordy content that uses a lot of keywords but never gives the reader anything relevant and useable. When I work with these lawyers, they always ask “Does Google really know what’s on my page? Does Google really know what readers want? Does Google really know if my titles and headers match the content below?”

Anytime you find yourself asking “Does Google really know…” stop and assume the answer is yes. Google knows the name of your dentist’s dog and what you had for dinner last Tuesday. Google knows if your page is relevant to the people who are reading it. And Google will crack down hard on you if your content isn’t interesting, engaging, and relevant.

Find a Superstar Writer. Not to devalue search engine optimization, but writing itself is all too often overlooked. You need a creative writing whiz, someone who can capture the tone of your firm, draw in readers from the first paragraph, and connect with hundreds or thousands of visitors per day in a way that to each one feels personal. Rather than finding someone who understands SEO and trying to teach them to write, find a writer who can put the perfect words down on a page and either learn to edit-in optimization, or find a secondary SEO specialist to work with what your writer gives you.

Creating content that readers will appreciate will soon become one of your best marketing tools. If you wouldn’t read it, don’t write it, and certainly don’t publish it on your firm’s webpage. And don’t go it alone – if you can’t find a content writing star within your firm, there are plenty of experts who can help you improve your site while teaching you how to write great content on your own.

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