ICE Turns Abandoned Leads into More Than 100 Signed Retainers

Attorney Gary P. Falkowitz

Attorney Gary P. Falkowitz

ICE — Intake Conversion Experts of Westbury, New York — reports that since its opening in November, it has been able to acquire more than 100 signed retainers on behalf of personal injury law firms for claimants that law firms had previously written off as lost leads.

“Conversion Requires More Than Just a Response” is the tagline for ICE, a new answering service/retention company founded by attorney Gary P. Falkowitz, Esq. and the owners of Captorra (intake software). It opened for business in November, 2016 and was formed specifically to assist personal injury law firms nationwide.

So what exactly does their tagline mean? According to ICE, anybody can just respond to a claimant that contacts a law firm. But if one wants to convert a lead into a client, more than just a response is required. The secret to their success? “Exceptional customer service, extensive training, persistent and prolonged workflow processes and owners who have a passion for intake,” said Falkowitz.

ICEICE was created to assist law firms with:

  • 24/7 answering service
  • Mass tort retention
  • Stale-lead follow-up
  • Stale-retention follow-up
  • And other intake-related services

“We just decided that it was time to provide a solution that not only filled a hole within the industry but also added significant value,” said Falkowitz. “Given the industry’s fiercely competitive nature and the potential return on investments, it has become exceedingly important to maximize one’s intake department and processes. And that’s how we’re able to help,” he added.

Some of the specific offerings that ICE provides include:

  • Live-transfer for qualified cases
  • Electronic signature for retention
  • Firm-specific brag lines
  • Attorney-led training programs
  • Vast reporting
  • And a host of other offerings

ICE assists law firms of all sizes, for many different types of cases, and for law firms located anywhere throughout the country. If you are interested in learning more about how ICE can improve your intake processes and assist in acquiring more signed retainers, visit ICE at or feel free to contact them via email at or via phone at (855) WITH-ICE.


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