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We all know the importance of generating content if you want to effectively market your law firm in 2016, but with the proliferation of it across multiple platforms, most recently with Linkedin Publisher, the signal to noise ratio has become seriously distorted and the task of reaching potential clients has consequently become more difficult.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, close to 91 percent of people have unsubscribed from email lists. Two-out-of-three people (68 percent) who record TV content do so to skip advertisements (Motorola, December 2014) and, according to DoubleClick, the average click-through rate on display ads is only 0.2 percent.

While the purchasing habits of consumers generally has radically changed, a majority of law firms haven’t adapted to the new realm of inbound marketing.

According to Brian Halligan, the founder of Inbound marketing Company, Hubspot,

“You can no longer rent your way to consumer attention, you need to earn it. Instead of dreaming up new ways to interrupt your way into your prospects’ lives, invest in ways to engage them meaningfully with an inbound experience.”

In the first instalment of this series of adopting an inbound marketing approach to your law firm’s client acquisition strategy, we introduced the lead funnel and talked primarily of the importance of defining who your perfect client is and then re-calibrating both your web design aesthetics and content towards this person (persona). Lead Funneling_diagram In this article, we’re going to delve deeper into the lead funnel and introduce a regime of powerful tools called lead magnets. If you haven’t read the predecessor to this article, its probably a good time to do so! You can read it here.

Lets take a look at the mid funnel.

midfunnel It follows that if you have created an accurate incarnation of your perfect client in the shape of a persona and crafted content that seeks to solve a problem for them, then you have successfully commenced an inbound approach to marketing. The next step is to find out who this potential client is and start to build an engagement process with them.

This is where lead magnets will do the heavy lifting for you!

What do I mean?

Client persona

If you are a family law firm and you have created compelling content titled, “7 Things You Need to Know Before You Separate,” then based upon your perfect client persona the logical progression for your potential family law client may be their need to learn how to minimise the impact of separation on the children. In response, at the end of your article on the things you need to know prior to separation, you may introduce to this person, your “Family Law Guide for Children (preparing your children for separation) of which they can download in return for leaving you with their email address. From a design perspective, you may also have a well-designed graphic, advertising this guide.

This is the quintessential mid funnel approach to beginning to develop a relationship with this person. In this regard, downloadable guides work very well because the level of buy-in required by the person downloading the resource is minimal. All you’re asking of them is to supply your reputable firm with their email address before accessing the guide.

Where firms notoriously make a mistake in this mid funnel sequence is one of two ways.

  1. They provide a guide that has been both poorly considered and/or badly designed, which can have a catastrophic impact on the relationship;
  2. As an alternative to a guide, they’ll use webinar or seminar invitations, which work more effectively further down the funnel. Metaphorically, it’s like asking your first date if she would like to bypass the courting sequence and instead, get engaged. It rarely works!

The task of actually embedding the downloadable guide functionality into your website isn’t too difficult, particularly if your firm’s website has been built on a WordPress platform. WordPress is a ubiquitous content management system that a growing majority of websites are built upon.

If your firm isn’t built on such a framework, than you will need to defer to your web design and development company for integration or linking to a third party application that will do this for you. For example, Leadpages, but there will be some additional steps you need to take. If your firm is lucky to be with WordPress, than the integration isn’t too difficult, but rather than bog this article in technical speak, simply email me at and I’ll happily send you a guide on how to do this, plus a tutorial video.

The objective of turning web visitors into leads is predicated on harnessing the power of lead magnets by both inserting them in your web copy and as strong design elements throughout your website.

Here are some of examples that are working well for our clients. familyguide What you do to engage with this lead following the download is what we will cover in the next article.

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