Individual Marketing Planning Form

Attorney: _____________________________

  1. External Activities
    Indicate activities that you will personally undertake to accomplish in 2000 in the following categories: 

    1. Memberships
      I will become an active member in: 

      1. Bar Association Sections 
      2. Civic or Professional Organizations


    2. Leadership
      I will work towards serving in a leadership position in the following:

      Association/Organization Position Desired/Attained Target Date
    3. Seminars and Presentations
      I will participate in the planning of the following FIRM or outside sponsored seminar, as a primary or panel speaker:

      Seminar Topic Target Audience Target Date
    4. Articles
      I will prepare the following articles as a primary or co-author:

                  Topic             Target Audience Target Date
    5. Personal Development
      I will undertake the following activities to help me develop my personal skills and level of professionalism:1. CLEs, courses, films or tapes:

      2. Teaching or lecturing opportunities:

      3. Other:


    1. Client Development and Retention 
      Identify existing clients whom you will regularly entertain by way of lunches, dinners, etc.:

          Company Name       Company Contact  
    2. Client Visits 
      1. Identify clients who would be appropriate targets for inviting to visit one, or more, of our offices and make a presentation about their businesses to our attorneys:
      2. Identify clients who would be appropriate targets for a group of FIRM attorneys to visit the offices of, and make a presentation to, on a timely issue of interest or concern:


    3. Cross-Selling
      Identify existing clients that you will introduce to another FIRM attorney for cross-selling purposes:

          Client         Firm Attorney     Description of Action and Outcome Goal
    4. Prospects and Referrals 
      Identify prospects or referral sources whom you will regularly entertain by way of lunches, dinners, etc.:

      Prospect or Referral Source         Activity        
    5. New Business Development
      Identify target prospects you will seek to develop new business from during the year 2000:

          Target Prospect         Type of LegalWork             Activity        


        Goals for 2000         Hours             Detail or Description        
    Projected billable hours:
    Projected marketing hours:
    Projected administrative hours:
    Projected other hours (describe):
    Current billing rate(s):
    % of Write-offs:
    Profit margin as
    supervising attorney:
    Projected revenue:

 This is based on a form provided by Altman Weil, Inc. of Newtown Square, PA, 


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