Is It Time To Fire Some Of Your Law Firm Clients?

firedYou work hard to market your law firm so that more prospects turn into clients. Yet, there are some clients that are just not a fit for you and your practice.

Most attorneys will continue to work with the less-than-ideal clients and find a way to limit their contact with them as much as possible.  The reality is, not all clients are ‘good’ clients and if a client is demanding too much time and energy from your law practice, then you may need to tell them to find another attorney to assist them.

I came across an interesting post “Law Firm Client Service:  Is It Time To Fire Your Client?”, written by Krista Baker, of  In this article Krista outlines 7 signs that it’s time to fire your client and a super easy way to determine which clients should stay and which should be fired.

Here are just three signs it’s time to fire your client:

  1. You dread contact.  You find yourself avoiding any interaction with the client.
  2. Everything is an emergency.  There’s no doubt you’ve experienced this kind of client!  Everything should have been last week yet they just provided the info today.
  3. No follow-through.  You client drags their feet when you ask them to complete or provide documents.

Can you relate to these signs above?  Is it time to fire some of your law firm clients?

Here’s how you can evaluate your clients to determine which are less-than-ideal:

Grade your clients by letter grads – A, B, C and D.

A Clients have responsible expectations, value you and your services, follow through on your requests and are respectful of your staff.  They pay their bills on time and you enjoy working with them.

B Clients don’t meet all the criteria for A clients but they’re average or above average.

C Clients are tolerable but they’re average or below average.

D Clients are your worst clients and the complete opposite of your A Clients.

The more time you spend with your A and B Clients, the greater satisfaction you will feel with your law practice.

To read Krista’s entire article, click here.


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