Is Mobile in Your Briefcase?

I know you’ve heard it all before, there really is no question that having a website to market your legal services to prospective clients is completely necessary. But, did you know that just having a website is not enough anymore – your website must be optimized for mobile.

In purely data driven terms, 4.8 billion people own a mobile phone while just 4.2 billion of us own a tooth brush. And, we’re not just talking about smartphones – the use of tablet devices is proliferating too — the number of tablets in use in the U.S. rose from 34 million in 2011 to 55 million this year and is expected to reach 108 million by 2015[i]. Furthermore, consumers using smartphones and tablets now generate more than 10% of all Internet traffic, according to data provider StatCounter Inc., and next year more people will use mobile phones than PCs to get online, according to Gartner.

We’re seeing this trend emerge among the Avvo consumer user base as well. Today, more than 30 percent ofbusinesswoman working on a mobile device Avvo contacts to attorneys are coming in from mobile devices, and this number is steadily growing every month. Furthermore, the attorneys who have a mobile optimized website are attracting, retaining and closing clients at a much more rapid pace than their colleagues without.

This is happening in other industries as well. In August, Zillow Chief Executive Spencer Rascoff said people who use Zillow on mobile devices are three times more likely to contact agents than a Zillow user on a traditional computer.

In today’s wireless world of the connected consumer, customers expect to find the information that they want (and need), when they want it – especially when they’re in need of immediate legal advice. And, without a mobile-friendly site you’re most likely driving paying clients to your competition.

Turn your website into a great mobile experience

You don’t need to hire an expensive web designer either. One new solution, Avvo Ignite Starter, is a cost-effective way to help solo and small firm lawyers quickly set up a mobile optimized website. As we know, the way to attract and retain mobile customers is via a mobile-friendly website, and if your site offers a great mobile experience, potential customers are more likely to contact you about their legal issues.

A great mobile site experience is becoming increasingly important, and users will keep looking for a mobile-friendly site until they find one that works for them. That means another attorney will benefit if your site falls down on the job (and vice versa).

While the research confirms what we already suspected — that mobile consumers actively seek out and prefer to engage with mobile-friendly sites — it’s a good reminder of just how quickly mobile usage is growing and attitudes about attorneys can be shaped by mobile site experiences.

So, what’s the key takeaway? Having a mobile site is not just about generating a few additional sales. It is a critical component of building a strong legal brand and nurturing lasting customer relationships.

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