John Fisher on Lawyer-to-Lawyer Referral Based Marketing

John Fisher on Lawyer-to-Lawyer Referral Based MarketingBy John Fisher, a medical malpractice plaintiff’s attorney in Kingston, NY, see and

You want the big cases through glamorous, self-promoting ads that make you look like a superstar. You justify the huge outlay of cash with the occasional big case that strikes gold. And you think life is good, you’re making some cash and paying the bills.

If you’re happy, you can stop reading now. But for some, the self-promotion of some lawyers is too much. You want a more dignified approach to building your law practice and you don’t have the megabucks to compete with big guns of lawyer marketing. And let’s face it, if you do what every other lawyer is doing, you’ll be like them: fighting for the crappy cases.

Lawyer Referrals are Marketing Gold

Where do you get your best and most profitable cases? Are your best cases from your website or TV and radio ads? No! You get your best cases from lawyer referrals. That’s right, lawyers who have prescreened the case for merit, obtained the medical records for you and told the new client that you are perfect for their case.

You know that you wouldn’t exist without lawyer referrals. A single relationship with an influential, prominent lawyer can send referral after referral to you for the rest of your career and you’re not paying a penny for TV or billboard ads. You get good liability cases, spend no money on marketing and get high-quality clients who think you’re a rock star. There’s almost no way you can screw this up!

We should all be focusing no getting more lawyer referrals, right? Okay, then then why do you have no system for getting more lawyer referrals? You just hope that lawyers will think of you and you thank your lucky stars for any referrals. But you’re just relying on blind luck for lawyer referrals and this is really no system at all.

Your Online “Co-Counsel Program”

Begin by adding a unique landing page of your website for lawyer referrals (“Our Co-Counsel Program.”) Check out the “Co-Counsel Program” on the website of Shapiro, Appleton & Duffan, P.C., a Virginia Beach PI firm. The Shapiro firm lays out their “4 step process when working with co-counsel referrals” and includes testimonials from their referral partners. The Co-Counsel Program shows they are serious about protecting the rights of their referral partners.

But don’t stop there. Click to continue reading The Lost Art of Lawyer-to-Lawyer Referral Based Marketing

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