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Market Me: How Marketing Is Changing and Why You Should TooThe following is an excerpt from Market Me: How Marketing Is Changing and Why You Should Too

“… Content marketing won’t lead to overnight results. Think of your content marketing strategy like a game of checkers. That increase in visitors, customers, and profits is the moment your first checker is “kinged,” a moment of triumph that usually happens near the end of a game, if you have successfully outmaneuvered your competitor.

Every piece you move throughout the game and how you plan each decision is similar to creating and producing content. Some moves don’t seem to have much of an impact, some may even appear to be complete failures, but every so often a move might open up new channels and shed light on the path to the potential triumph within your reach. It takes extensive planning, a number of critical decisions, and the ability to outsmart your competitor, but eventually the board begins to clear, the mass of content you are competing with forreaders thins, and you get “kinged.” Perhaps it is one page, one topic, or a section of your site that starts to get more attention. Maybe it’s your entire site. But after that initial triumph, it becomes much easier to achieve the same result with other pieces. Now just imagine if you could add additional pieces to the board constantly – you’d have a board full of kings and a commanding control over the competition.

Content is the most important piece of your online marketing strategy right now, and will become increasingly important as marketing progresses in the future. Understand that your content is an experience for your reader; it isn’t simply words on a page but rather their first experience with your company, which you need to help convince them of your value.

Content is your most powerful conversion tool; it is what will help turn site visitors into customers and increased profits, and is an extremely influential force that connects your business to potential clients in your area and worldwide. A focus on building your content is synonymous with a focus on building your business, and should be central to your marketing strategy. Failing to realize the importance of great content will cause you to miss out on customers you could be reaching, and lose business to your competitors as a result.”

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