Your Law Firm Clients Already Forgot About You … Here’s Why

Sending newsletters to law firm clientsIn a recent webinar, Stephen Fairley, CEO of The Rainmaker Institute, stressed the importance of newsletters.  I’ve included a short clip below that you will want to listen to, especially if you don’t consistently send a law firm newsletter to your current clients, potential clients and referral partners.

One very cost effective way to keep connected with your clients is via newsletters.

If you don’t consistently communicate with your law practice clients, do you think that they will keep you at top of mind for any legal issue they need assistance with?  No, they won’t.

In fact, without regular communication, you are out of sight and therefore out of mind.  With regular communication (via a newsletter), your clients will consider you as their first and only resource for legal issue – ANY legal issue.  This way, their first phone call will be to you and you can decide if you can help them yourself, or which of your referral partners you can connect them with.

Most attorneys have found that newsletters are one of the most cost effective forms for staying in touch with clients and referral sources is a newsletter.

Stephen shared how an attorney, after 8 years of reading his newsletter, finally hired him to help with her practice.  It cost him pennies to send the newsletter to this attorney for the 8 years.

How many new legal clients are you missing out on because you’re not sending out a consistent newsletter?


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