Law Firm Marketing Tips to Leveraging Web Content – Video

Posting valuable content to your blog is directly connected to whether potential clients will find you when they search online for an attorney.

Attorneys who post to their websites on a daily basis tend to dominate in search results.

Attorneys who post to their website on a weekly basis do well.

Attorneys who post to their websites on a monthly basis do fine, but not as well as the other posters.

Posting to your website/blog on a consistent basis should be at the top of your law firm marketing plan. I asked Peter Boyd of to share some up-to-date and easy tips that will make writing and posting quality content a little bit easier for you and your law firm.

I encourage you to add these key tips to your law firm marketing plan:

  1. Make sure the content you post is quality content. Consider how helpful the post could be for the person reading it (it could be your next prospect)!
  2. Tap into your team. Invite other attorneys and paralegals to write for the law firm’s blog. If they can write one to two posts per month, it can take a little pressure off you, and contribute to more regular and quality content on your blog.
  3. Take note of common questions you get asked regularly by your current clients, as well as prospects. Ask your paralegal and legal assistant to make a list of the common questions they get asked also. Check your sent emails and review emails you have sent to your clients, answering specific questions. This will help you easily come up with topics to write about. There’s no need to suffer with writer’s block!
  4. Include your keywords in your headlines and reference them once or twice within your copy.
  5. Write and keep writing. Ask your assistant to create and manage a production schedule that includes who in your law firm will contribute content, deadlines, and potential topics they can write about.

Remember, most consumers look online when searching for an attorney. By implementing these key tips and posting to your blog/website regularly, you will be support the marketing of your law practice, and you will increase your visibility online and therefore the chance of being found by those who need you.

What will you do to ensure that quality content is posted to your blog on a regular basis? Please share your comments below.

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