Are Your Law Firm Employees Happy? If Not, You Will Pay …

Happy Business WomanA recent post and infographic “How To Keep Your Law Firm Employees Motivated” stirred up quite a bit of interest from attorneys who wanted to better understand how their employees ‘tick’.    To many, learning that money was not the top motivator for their law firm employees was a surprise.

A new infographic was released today that shows how your law firm employees happiness affects the productivity in the office, and the overall feelings that your employees have about their work.

If you like infographics, check out – they publish a new infographic every weekday.

This Employee Happiness as a Business Tool graphic (posted below) shows how your employees really feel:

  • 43% are stressed out by a heavy workload
  • 40% feel their job expectations are unrealistic
  • 43% are dissatisfied with their salary
  • 34% are concerned about job security
  • 43% do not see opportunity for growth.

Unfortunately, this dissatisfaction and stress lead to a habitual pattern of absence from work, that you are paying a whole lot of money for.

Consider this startling fact: Over half of the 550 million lost working days in the U.S. are stress related — this equates to approximately $30 billion!

And if you’re thinking “We have a very lost absenteeism rate in my law practice.“, here’s a stat for you – 60% of workers attribute reoccurring instances of presenteeism to stress.  Presenteeism is when a worker is physically present at the law office, but lacks productivity. This is costing $200 billion in the U.S.

Happy employees stay twice as long in their job then unhappy employees. Happy employees are 186% more likely to positively promote their company and reach out during networking opportunities.

Check out the infographic to read additional details that will support you in seeing in increase in performance, better working relationships and an increase in innovation in your law office employees.

Are Your Law Firm Employees Happy?  If Not, You Will Pay ...

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