Is Your Law Firm’s Website Optimized for the Social-Media Age?

As social media has evolved, many law firms have learned to integrate their social media and websites. But too many websites still haven’t quite taken that step. If your social media presence is completely separate from your website, you may be missing an opportunity to build your audience in both places and attract new clients.

Each visitor to your social media pages and website has the potential to click through to your other pages. In fact, a good part of online reputation management is creating all of these pages, then linking them together in order to provide cohesion. If you haven’t done an overhaul of your website since the social-media revolution began, perhaps it’s time to take a look at each of your pages to make sure you’re keeping up with the competition.

Promote Your Website

Each social media page you’ve created contains an “About” section that allows you to slip in your URL. On Facebook, it fits beneath your profile picture in the top left corner. On Twitter, it goes in the text atop your profile page’s cover photo. Your URL should be prominently displayed to anyone who visits your social media sites, especially if they appear more prominently in search results than your website does. Prospective clients may click through to your social-media page looking for directions and other information only available on your website. By making it easy to find you, you may land a new client.

As you post new articles or blogs on your website, provide a link to the blog on each of your social media sites. Some content management systems allow for easily sharing, but you may have to copy and paste the link manually. Those few extra seconds could earn you a few hundred more readers, especially if the link is shared and re-Tweeted.

Promote Your Social Media Sites

Most content management systems make sharing so easy, it’s almost more trouble not to encourage it. Be sure each of your posts on your website contains a clear but unobtrusive “share” or “like” button for each of the social media sites to which you belong. Adding a widget that displays your Twitter feed could also be a great way to pull new followers over.

If you host a YouTube channel and include one of your videos on your blog or website, be sure to invite visitors to subscribe to your YouTube channel to inform them of future posts. You can also incorporate your Pinterest or Instagram accounts into your content as a way of inviting visitors to join you there.

While linking all of your sites can improve the client experience and broaden your audience, remain conscientious of your online reputation management goals at all times. The client should be invited to check out your other pages, but those invitations should never overwhelm the content itself. Make sure it blends with the site to improve the aesthetics, not distract from them, and you’ll be well on your way to having a consistent online presence for you or your law firm.

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Blake Boldt

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Blake Jonathan Boldt is a content strategist for Reputation Advocate. He provides writing, editing, social media and content strategy services for both domestic and international clients. His articles have been featured in numerous magazines, newspapers and digital media outlets.

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6 Responses to “Is Your Law Firm’s Website Optimized for the Social-Media Age?”

  1. Mitch Jackson Says:

    Blake- Social, websites and lawyers. Luv it! Amazing how so many professionals (not just lawyers) are failing to “connect” on social. Great post re reminding everyone that this is no longer an option. Good stuff!


    • Cindy Greenway
      Cindy Greenway Says:

      Mitch, thanks for your comment. Social media is most definitely not an option any more and it doesn’t matter what industry you work in.


  2. Blake Boldt
    Blake Boldt Says:

    Thanks, Mitch! Hope this helps others to learn what you already have.


  3. Jason Tweedy Says:

    I am in the process of setting up my own firm in the UK, and have put together Facebook, Google+, and Twitter… are there any others that are considered a must-have for legal firms?


    • Cindy Greenway
      Cindy Greenway Says:

      Hi Jason, thanks for posting your question. LinkedIn is also a must-have social platform for law firms and should be considered as part of your legal marketing plan.


  4. James Scott Says:

    I find many personal injury law firms want social media but because they think they should be on it. But unless it is part of a carefully thought out overall strategy it can be a waste of time. Linked in is an interesting one. But instead of just networking with like minded individuals why not target individuals in large firms that may need personal injury lawyers ( construction for example?)with influence with the workers?


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