Lawyer Marketing Ideas: 5 Creative Ways to Stand Out Among the Competition

iStock_000021387044XSmall - uniqueYou’ve got the optimized web content, active Twitter feed and syndicated blog in place, but you’re ready to take your lawyer marketing efforts to the next level. Below are five creative ways to stand apart from your competition and help build your brand – both locally and beyond.

1. Host or Sponsor an Event Relevant to Your Practice Areas

Invite members of the community to get to know you and your staff by hosting an event that aligns with your services. For example, a disability attorney could host a Veterans’ Day picnic for disabled and wounded veterans.

If you do not have the facilities or resources to host an event, consider sponsoring others in the community. For instance, an attorney who handles child support cases may consider acting as the chief sponsor for an after-school event open to children of divorce, and so on.

An event needn’t have an overt connection to your specific services, as long as it will attract or appeal to your target audience. For example, consider hosting a business networking breakfast or local speaker series.

2. Donate to Charitable Causes

Contribute to charitable causes that reflect your firm’s values. For instance, a foreclosure attorney may donate to a non-profit that assists families with transitional housing, while a personal injury attorney may donate to a safe driving campaign.

Charitable giving needn’t be limited to finances. Organize a team from the office to participate in a charity walk to fight diabetes, help build a house for Habitat for Humanity or serve lunch at a local food pantry. These actions not only raise brand awareness and boost your lawyer marketing efforts, but also help make your community a better place.

3. Be a Recognizable Presence in the Community

There is something to be said for having a physical presence in the communities you serve. Doing so helps build your local reputation and reinforce all other attorney marketing efforts.

Ways to become more active in the community include marching in holiday parades, joining the Chamber of Commerce or other business organizations, hosting an open house, or making it a point to attend at least two community events each month.

4. Become Civically Engaged

Demonstrate your passion for the law by becoming an active force for change. For example, if your practice regularly handles dog bite cases, consider starting an online petition to address local dog bite ordinances. This helps you establish yourself as an expert in your field. It also shows that you care about the root causes of your clients’ problems.

Another option to consider: Seek public office. A position on a city board or commission where your area of expertise will prove beneficial to local constituents helps raise your profile in the local community.

5. Offer Free Educational Materials to Potential Clients

Give away valuable information, such as an eBook on how to talk to insurance companies after an accident or how to prepare to testify in a divorce case. But don’t just create it and forget it. At We Do Web Content, we recommend regularly updating books to account for changes in consumer needs and applicable laws.

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