How This Lawyer Recovered From A Bad Review

online reviewsSomeone showed you a bad review about your law firm.  What do you do?

First, you will likely experience all kinds of emotions when you read a negative review about your law firm – give yourself some time to collect your thoughts and get through those emotions.

Then, with a clearer head, consider what to do next. recently published an article, written by attorney Joleena Louis, about the steps she took to recover from a bad review.

Here’s a quick summary of Joleena’s steps and the emotions she experienced when she read the review.  The link to the full article is below.

#1.  Confusion

I know you do your best to provide incredible client service at all times.  When a client says nothing about their dissatisfaction, you may feel confused – how come they didn’t let you know they were unhappy with your service?

#2  Connection

Joleena shares how she reached out to the client who left the bad review about her law firm.  While she didn’t agree with the points made in the review, she did apologize and acknowledged their feelings..

#3  Reflect & Revise

Client reviews give you the opportunity to reflect on your current client process and identify where there may be some holes.  Perhaps you need to find a way to receive client feedback more regularly?  That way you know if your client is happy or not, long before they take the time to write a review.

#4.  Get MORE Reviews

If you’re not asking your clients to write reviews, it’s time to start!

Reach out to your happy clients and ask them to write a review about their experience.  Find a way to implement this into your regular client process so there are always new reviews posted only.  People will overlook a bad review if it’s surrounded by a whole bunch of positive ones.

To read more about Joleena’s experience, click here.



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